Head Gear Reviews by Butler
  1. Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound

    3.50 star(s)
    I purchased these because my original gaming headset have been attacked by my rabbit. I understand that you make sacrifices when you purchase a wireless headset. I'm not a huge fan of this headset, but it gets the job done and I've come to terms with that. Yes, it is true that you need the software running in order to use the surroundsound and also to equalize the headset. I've never had a problem with the software Equalizing the headset is a must, I found that the mids are very recessed. It's difficult to describe in what ways in regards to audio...
  2. Audio Technica ATH-PRO5MK2 CM CAMOUFLAGE | DJ Headphones (Japan Import)

    3.50 star(s)
      The PRO5MK2's are fun headphones. That being said, it's difficult being an audiophile and using these as my out and about cans. Perhaps because that it's a not true neutral sound, but these are are DJ headphones- so that makes sense.   The bass is wonderful. Notable bass, perhaps even rivaling the M50's, but surely not the PRO700's. This could be attributed to it's tight tight seal. I feel they may be slightly more neutral than the M50's perhaps giving you a better DJ monitor than the heavier bass of the M50's. The bass doesn't bleed into the...