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    WTB: Shure SE846 Clear

    Looking for a clear Shure SE846 with all accessories. ~1 year old or less. Shipped to Los Angeles. PM me :)
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    FS: Future Sonics MG6PRO

    Up for sale is my set of Future Sonics MG6Pros. Though I purchased these almost two years ago, I have used them sparingly. The shape of my ears has changed since I did the original molds and these don't fit like they should.   Comes with the original box, and all of the bass port covers. These...
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    Westone 3

    So I came back to head-fi after wanting a new budget headphone and have settled on customs, go figure... So everything must go! I'm selling my Westone 3's I purchased and registered in September, 2010. They haven't had too much head time, probably well less than 200 hours because of the D2000's...
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    Denon D2000 - Recabled and J$ pads

    These are D2000's that I re-cabled with purple Mogami. The length is about 4-4.5 feet and it's terminated to 1/8". They sound very very nice and the J$ pads open up the soundstage than a mofo, not to mention the lambskin is pampering. I'll include the stock pads as well. Note that they are used...
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    Re-cabled D2000 with J$

    sorry doublepost
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    FS: Grado RS-1 w/button SOLD

    If you need more pictures let me know. Thanks.
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    FS: Grado RS-1 w/button SOLD

    I purchased these from TTVJ in the summer of 2007 (#5928). They are in fantastic condition, as i have kept them in the Grado pizza box whenever I don't use them. When I bought these, I just wasn't serious enough about the hobby so i have no use for them except to wow my friends The mini adapter...
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    New cans, jobless budget. Novice knowledge. Keen ears. Not a good mix.

    Um... Don't you also need enclosures for the amp and DAC? That's gonna be more money out of your pocket . BTW, Welcome to Head-fi, sorry about your wallet. (Man, I always wanted to say that )
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    What's MPG you've got from your car?

    I just found out toay that my dad pays less at the pump in his XKR than I do in my LX450 (using regular)! But, my foot could stand to lose a couple lbs though .
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    What's MPG you've got from your car?

    1996 Lexus LX450 non-stop highway: 17-18mpg around town w/ on ramp to off ramp: 9-11mpg
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    Best iPod Scratch Remover?

    Ice creme.
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    Best iPod for use in car? Nano vs. Classic.

    The best DAP (out of ipod mini, zune, and ipod classic) I've used in the car is my ipod mini, my car stereo always sounds muffled with inputs besides cd's or the radio. The mini seemed verly bright and kinda hollow so it was able to conteract the gigantic veil of my car stereo. So, I would say...
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    Shure SE530 or 10 pro?

    I don't think the Shure cable is detatchable.
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    Sony PFR-V1 (K1000 KILLER).... ORDERED!!!

    I must say I will indeed be quite stoked to read some of your impressions, 003.