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    I bought some PX100's from Andrew, he responded well to PM's, shipped quickly and everything came as advertised.
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    Trying to repair my A500's?

    Thank you soo much! It is fixed and the channels work perfectly, and now my beloved headphones are fixed, thanks again.
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    A900 + AV-710 owners

    I was having the same problem with my A500's, I had volumes all the way up in windows, foobar and through the drivers and it was barely loud enough for me. But i got a Xin Supermini from a friend of mine for 30 bucks and its like night and day. My volume is at about 1/3 on my amp and its...
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    WTT: 3g Ipod for 20g Rio Karma

    I have a 10 gig 3rd Gen Ipod. Has the original box, CD, remote, earbuds (no foamies, sorry used them already) firewire cable, USB/Firewire cable and a dock. PM me if interested. Will also have pics available if anyone wants them. EDIT: Also comes with a Blue Iskin with Clip and plastic LCD Cover.
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    Got my AV710 today. Woohoo.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Iron_Dreamer Or you can just skip ASIO4all and use kernel streaming, as I do For some reason on this card...KS does not work in all situations. I just reformatted my machine and when I got into Foobar i tried running KS and i just got an output error...
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    Sounds cards...

    I own a Chaintech, and listened to my buddies Revo with my same setup and could honestly not tell a difference, I would put them very close together as far as SQ goes. So if your looking to save some bones, go with the Chaintech.
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    I bought a pair of Px200's from Mclaren20. Unfortunately somehow along the way with the shipping the cans were lost or something, and its been two weeks and i have yet to recieve them. I sent a PM to him and within a few hours I had a reply and my money back. Hopefully i get them and then i will...
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    Headphone "hanger"?

    bought my chrome banana hanger for $3.88US from Wally world.
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    WTB:E2 Small Foamies

    If anyone has a few spare pairs of the small foamies for the E2's they are willing to sell me that would be great. Thanks
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    To the PC source people! What do you listen to?

    I use EAC to rip to FLAC and to Lame APS (for my portable, i simply cannot decide what music to get rid of, in order to change my portable to lossless) all one step process through MAREO a thirdparty plugin for EAC to rip to two or more formats in one sitting. I love it.
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    Chaintech AV-710 Review

    hey, im curious where you got the file, i can only find the exe which doesn't allow me to dump the dll file. EDIT: N/M i got ASIO4All working, however I can't get it to work at 44.1 or at 96khz, for some reason it will only work at 48khz. I have no idea why.
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    BOUGHT: Sennheiser PX100

    found some thanks.
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    Would this setup go together?

    I have yet to use any grados, but my Audio Technica's are great for rock, at least IMO. And they are extremely comfy. So if its comfort and rock music you want, i would try those. If you find you don't like them, they will easily sell for 5 or 10 dollars less than you paid for them in the FS/FT...
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    New iTunes 4.5, AAC Lossless!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Watchdog Yep, use dbPoweramp to convert FLAC to WMA Lossless and then from WMA Lossless into iTunes. Sweet!! You rule, thanks!
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    New iTunes 4.5, AAC Lossless!

    anyone know how I could convert all my FLAC files to this new lossless AAC without losing my tags by converting them to WAV first?