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    Sennheiser CX400-B quick hit

    Just thought I'd share a few impressions really quick. I bought these more for their form factor than anything else. I wanted something not too expensive with good sound and a short cord that I could use with the Sony MW600 bluetooth headset receiver.   The pouch and cord wrap were nice...
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    HD 650 Problem, Any Ideas?

    Fixed this same problem with rattling in my HD555 and Koss portapros. Imagine my surprise to discover that it was dog hair in each case and not some loose piece of hardware. I can only imagine how many people out there have had this problem and have tossed their headphone. This should be some...
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    vibes impressions...e2c > vibes

    This is a little off topic, since the comparison being is discussed is between the e2c and the vibe. I've only the two the e2c for a grand total of about 2 minutes and don't remember my impression of them. However, I did have the e3c which I sadly lost a few months ago and I bought the vibes to...
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    V-Moda Vibe hype: am I missing something?

    The one thing I forgot to ask is, what are you using for your source?
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? [#6]

    Right now, Hot Chip is for me what Bloc Party was in 2005. But I'm forcing myself not to listen as much because they'll be here in April. Don't want to burn myself out on them.
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    "Mystery" Amp

    xenochimera, if it makes you feel any better, my amp is fine now. the problem was the low voltage charger I received. I got a 12v 300 mA adapter from radioshack and it was able to charge my amp fine.
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    "Mystery" Amp

    Does the charging light come on when you plug it in? Did it ever turn green? If so, then maybe something is wrong with the switch. Unfortunately I don't have any useful advice in that regard since I know very little about electronics. However if no lights turn on, it might be worth it to open it...
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    "Mystery" Amp

    Claus, What happens when you press the button? Does the light at the front at least flash?
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    "Mystery" Amp

    Based on previous posts in this thread, I'm wondering if the charger is the problem. The one that was shipped with my amp has an output of 4.5V @ 600 mA. I see that others got received 15 v chargers. I hope that is the root of my problem.
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    "Mystery" Amp

    Could someone please tell me how their x-1 behaves when it runs out of juice? I bought one used off of ebay and received it yesterday. I charged it ~3-4 hours, but it lasted only about 30 minutes on the train ride home before cutting out. I charged it over night but the light never turned green...
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    A question for the BassHeads out there : What are your fav tunes ??

    Great thread, I'll be using this from now on whenever I try out new headphones: Strict Machine - Goldfrapp Whenever I feel like some bass I usually turn to these old reliables: Poor Lil' Rich - 50 Cent Buggin Out - Tribe Called Quest And one day somone is going to get their doors...
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    Brand new ER-4p's lacking bass?

    I've owned the etymotic er6 and shure e3c in the past and there's just a few things I'd like to add. As countach suggested, if you feel a bit of suction like a vacuum then you have a good seal. If you're able to achieve a good seal and you still feel the bass is lacking, in addition to giving...
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    K790a Music Output Question

    Hi Sockhead. I have a k790 and comparing the sound to my 3rd generation ipod, I would say the k790 sounds very good. To my ears, while there is a slight difference in sound between the two, there is no practical difference in sound quality. I certainly wouldn't describe the sound out of the k790...
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