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    micro to mini usb otg cable

    Cheers man good find. I just received mine, can also confirm it works (Galaxy Note 3 -> Fiio E07K)
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    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    I will do that, thanks
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    Little Dot I+ Tube Rolling

    The left channel rca jack doesn't stay tight. It spins freely when my cables move around even a little bit... eventually it completely detached itself from the solder on the inside of the amp, so I re-soldered and tightened the rca jack as much as I could. This worked great for a while, until...
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    Android phones and USB DACs

    My portable set up is Galaxy Note III -> Fiio E07K -> HF5   My home set up is Windows 7 laptop -> Emotiva XDA-2 -> Denon amp / LDI+   My laptop is currently out of commission, awaiting a new heat-sink fan, so I tried to use my phone and its OTG cable to go into the XDA-2 but it does not work...