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    Musician with the worst name?

    Genital Hercules.
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    Do headphones plug your ears?

    I misread the topic title as "Do headphones plug into your ears?". I thought the TC had become a little confused.
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    Need some good old Hard Rock:

    Interpol and The Strokes are not what you're looking for. Both are indie pop-rock; not hard rock by any means. That's not to say that you will not enjoy them, although you may find them a little tame in comparison to the bands that you have been listening to. I'm afraid I can't really help in...
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    Songs that have huge emotional inspiration behind them

    My first thought when I saw the topic title was Neutral Milk Hotel's In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.
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    Looking for a specific type of Metal:

    Oxes. Fun instrumental metal; no vocals and genuinely innovative (although totally off the wall). Isis too. I suppose you could also look into Sunn O))), cookie monster vocals there are few are far between. Btw, I'm on the lookout for the same thing, so thanks for making the topic.
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    Under The Iron Sea - Keane

    Dreadful, to be honest. Of course, I make the disclaimer that this is only my opinion. Dull instrumentation, bad lyrics, no pace, and it's indistinguishable from most of the rest of todays British "alternative" rock bands. Thank goodness I didn't buy it (borrowed it from a friend).
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    How many genres is enough to organize your digital library?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Thaddy LOL, subtract these three, I don't think they should count. 42 ain't bad though. I fail to see what's invalid about math rock and noise, certainly. 16 of my albums are tagged Math Rock, and I think another 5 or 10 could be, but aren't (tagged...
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    Sigur Ros = MUSIC

    Quote: Originally Posted by asmox Maybe I just don't get it.. but as it stands, Sigur Ros is close to the top of my 'Why in the world do people like this band so much..?' list. Mine too. I own AB, ( ) and Takk, and all three send me to sleep. I don't think they're very epic at all...
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    The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi" -- I don't get it

    Quote: Originally Posted by opti I understand that most good music needs a few listens to warm up to -- in fact, I was really disappointed by Dark Side of the Moon on first listen, and I love it now. I just listened through most of The Flaming Lips "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots"...
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    Worst Band ever

    You'll pardon my musical blashemy, but I genuinely don't think Nickelback are that bad. I certainly wouldn't buy an album, but at least they have their own distinctive vocal style and some sense of quiet-loud dynamics. I should add: unlike the utterly awful, immature blink-182.
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    Husker Du made the rest of my music sound boring. :(

    I have Sister and Daydream Nation, but I think Sonic Nurse is better than both of them. :P I'm not much of a Sonic Youth fan anyway. I've heard of the Replacements, but don't own anything by them, and I've not heard of Soul Asylum or fIREHOSE before. I'll be sure to check those artists out. Ta...
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    Why do I love Interpol so much?

    It is a nice CD, but I always felt that it was a little overrated. Stella is great though.
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    Appleseed Cast ride with the ghost of Disintegration

    Quote: Originally Posted by Davey Thanks for sharing. I guess even a pity response is worth something Haha. Well, I'll have to get it at some point. Appleseed Cast did a few shows with The Evpatoria Report, which is one of my most favourite bands at the moment. I bought Xiu Xiu's...
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    Appleseed Cast ride with the ghost of Disintegration

    I thought about buying it, but then I didn't. True story. Oh well, maybe next time.
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    best band names

    Ah, I forgot about μ-ziq OK.