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  1. brconner broken?

    Yes, they're still in place. 
  2. brconner broken?

    Hey All,   So I've have my's for a fews now and I really like them. Had them remolded by fisher hearing and they're great. The problem is a couple days ago they started sounding really strange, very tinny and harsh.    Any suggestions? Did one of my drivers go bad or somehow...
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    Analog "versus" Digital recording and playback

      As I stated in my earlier post a square wave is an infinite number of sine waves added together. Triangle wave, same thing different harmonics with different amplitudes. I already know what I would see on a spectrograph plot. I work with much more than audio so many times I'm not concerned...
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    Analog "versus" Digital recording and playback

    I really like how you connected the bit depth to the dynamic range. Thats probably the clearest description of them I've seen.    Thats correct about the square wave the system should only output that one sine wave, but if I'm observing signals I'd rather get any kind of signal (sine...
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    Fostex T50RP alternative ear pads

    Hey Guys,   So I love my Fostex T50RP's but the only problem I have with them is that my ear touches the driver. Are there any other earpads that would fit these cans? Something that would push the driver further from my ear?   Thanks,   Blair
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    Question for an EE

      A DAC doesn't operate with analog input voltages. A digital command is sent (serially or in parallel) to a DAC and the DAC outputs an analog signal. Digital to analog converter. The way it converts the digital command to an analog signal can be done in several ways. The wikipedia page...
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    IEM Sensitivity, Frequency response & Impedance

    You actually want an increased low frequency response relative to higher frequencies for a increased bass response.   Also impedance and sensitivity will not tell you the sound quality of a headphone. More drivers doesn't mean better sound, its possible, but doesn't mean its better. More...
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    Analog "versus" Digital recording and playback

    Digital reproduction has the ability to be substantially better than analog reproduction. Digital recording techniques are capable of having a much higher bandwidth than analog ones and their distortion ratings considerably lower. Most audio analog devices are limited to around 20kHz to 40kHz...
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    Wire Testing Measurements

    Just an update, I haven't forgotten about the tests and will be doing the test hopefully in the next month or so. I have the materials though so its just a matter of performing the tests and documenting everything.
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    Wire Testing Measurements

    Thanks! I'll look over those threads. One of my goals is to explain the differences so hopefully its easily understandable to everyone.    Also not really a side note, but what the cables are being used for heavily influences their performance. Going from preamp to power amp is a totally...
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    Just a Sound Science question..

    The only reason i mentioned it was because of your previous post before mine. Didn't want to get the OP confused. A negative gain always means a 180 degree phase shift. Negative is a term thats used outside of the field but isn't really correct, unless the amplifier is inverting the signal.  ...
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    Just a Sound Science question..

    Quote:   Actually a negative gain is a 180 degree shift in phase. Doesn't necessarily mean that its less volume. Also, gain can be expressed as a ratio (unitless) or in decibels (dB)   If the gain ratio is equal to 1 then there is no change in volume.   Greater than 1 and the...
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    "Balanced" headphones - is there a consensus?

    The main reason to use balanced equipment is in professional audio were noise can be an issue. The common mode rejection is extraordinarily important when long cables are being used with sound sources like microphones. Their electrical output is so small that without the common mode rejection...
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    Wire Testing Measurements

    I'll have to try that out. I'll look around for some magnet wire.
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    Clipping, gain and playback volume? Need some clarification

      Clipping doesn't necessarily occur at 0dB. Clipping has to do with the amount of "headroom" an amplifier has and the physical capabilities of a speaker.    Let's say I have amplifier A thats powered from a single 9V battery and amplifier B that runs off of an 18V battery. Amplifier B has...