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    Best $50-60 dollar headphones

    SR60, or if you're cheap, Koss KSC75. They're a quarter of the price and are only a bit worse than my SR80's. Treble is a bit tinny in comparison, but it's hardly noticeable.
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    Ripping Software???

    Honestly, I just use Windows Media Player to rip to 192 kbps. I can't hear the difference between the CD itself and that, plus it saves space.
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    What's more important: Musicality or Detail?

    Unlike many here, I don't sit back and listen to music just to do so. I listen to my music while I'm doing something else - surfing the net, driving, doing homework, etc. Having a beat to go along with my activities is more important than hearing every little detail without a good feel. I'd take...
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    Most expensive portable audio gear ...

    DAP: ZVM - $200 Phones: KSC75 - $15 SR80 - $0 (my dad's) =$215. But that just might rise in the near future...I'm eying the PA2V2...
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    Woody care

    Quote: Originally Posted by HiWire This thread fails to deliver. Seriously, though, it's best to keep your wood in a cool and dry place. I Need to grow up...
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    Zen Vision M or Zune? Crap I need a new player!

    You guys are making me feel terrible about yesterday's ZVM purchase. As far as I'm concerned, the ZVM sounds great with good recordings.
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    Can someone help with my choices?

    I just got a Zen Vision: M today and I really like it. Great sound quality, good video, nice GUI, and it feels/looks nice. The software's half-decent too.
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    Zen Vision: M battery life

    Thanks for the replies. But what I was actually asking is how long the battery will keep its juice; ie, until the player dies from an unusable battery. This would probably take years, but I'm just curious. Somehow the thought of a non-removable battery makes me edgy. Edit: On the topic of...
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    Zen Vision: M battery life

    My Zen Micro broke after going through the wash (slap self), so I'm getting a new player. Best Buy is sending me a voucher for the value of my Micro (they actually made good on the warranty!), and I'm thinking of getting a Zen Vision: M, since I don't like the Zune or iPod too much (and their...
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    KSC75 storage?

    I wouldn't worry about a case. They're extremely durable (they went through the wash with my Micro. They survived fine, but unfortunately the latter did not). I just have mine wrapped up on my desk.
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    Guitar Gods: Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, ..

    J.J. Cale (sounds like a more laid-back Clapton in both singing and guitar) The Who's Peter Townshend Red Hot Chili Peppers - John Frusciante. I went to a concert at the end of last year and was incredible. Audioslave/Soundgarden: Chris Cornell Dire Straits: Mark Knopfler
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    SR60/KSC75 worth it?

    The KSC75s are the best $12 I ever spent. They sound nearly as good as my SR80's and they're very portable.
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    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have: KSC75 SR80 I'm still a bit of a newcomer to the Hi-Fi thing, so I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I like. The ones I have sound great for what I listen to (rock, reggae, acoustic), but I'm curious as to what the upper-end Grados sound like. And Senns; never even heard a pair.
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    I like calzones too. I should have re-phrased that: fat chicks eating school calzones. Anyway, they really look like something an astronaut would wear - in a bad way. They look big and white and overly puffy. And with lots of weird plastic things jutting out.
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    What's my weakest link?

    Heh, my ears don't think so. They sound fantastic through my computer.