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    Police's Car in Italy!--amazing!?!

    Quote: Originally Posted by zcx What's on the guy on the left's back?
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    Post the pic of your mus. intrument.

    I wish I had my digital camera here; I'd take some nice pictures. Here's some ebay photos of the Yanagisawa A-991: from the Selmer Sax Man.
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    What great albums were released the year you were born?

    Quote: Originally Posted by grinch none. i was born in the 80's. Darn, me neither. I haven't even heard of any of these albums from when I was born. Now, just imagine in a couple decades what those born last year will be saying. I hope it's "What the heck is this crap?" or at...
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    Giving up on audioscrobbler

    I'd suggest using the AMIP wrapper plugin for foobar with cURL, or something equivalent (though I don't know what) for Winamp, writing some simple Perl or PHP script for your website, or getting a free one. Lots of information o'er here. The problem with a free service is that tons of...
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    Looking for a place to get Sennheiser 600 metal grills for my Senn 580s

    Yes, please post a reply of the results. What I'm confused about is that over at, there are photos that show the difference between the 580 and 600's insides. Unfortunately the server isn't responding, but here are the pictures: HD-580, HD-600, HD-650. I was always under the...
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    Looking for a place to get Sennheiser 600 metal grills for my Senn 580s

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shizokrolik Tell me where that thread went, and I'll post a comparison between the 580 and 600 grills. I don't know the exact thread, but I copied down the relavent information: Quote: Phone: 860.434.9190 (in CT) Ask for: HD600 Decorative Grille...
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    Head-Fier's Essential Software List

    Here's my essential list: Mozilla 1.6 Foobar 0.8 Eudora 5.2 Vim 6.2 (both Windows' gvim and Dos vim) Trillian Pro 2.0 StarOffice 7 (beats MS Office hands down) Forte Agent 1.91 Exact Audio Copy 0.95 Adobe Photoshop 6.0 (old version) PGP 8.0.2 Norton Anti-Virus Corp. Ed. (free thru...
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    Recommend a Stripper for me.

    It 's probably too cheap for you, but I enjoy my RadioShack cheapo-stripper. Just cut through the insulation (but don't squeeze too hard or it 'll go through the wire!) and pull off the insulation. I 've never used anything better, so I may not be the best authority on this matter, but I'll say...
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    Love the new look of head-fi

    Looks too much like every other message board out there now .... not necessarily a good thing. I liked the look of the old style better.
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    So what after Kind Of Blue?

    What's listed above, and I'd also highly recommend: - Cannonball Adderly: Somethin' Else. - Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Rollins, Sonny Stitt: Sonny Side Up.
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    headphone demographics

    Quote: Originally posted by terrymx you should make a poll with a list of 100 headphones and peolpe can check the one they own. but most own more than one.
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    Nice rack!!!

    Here's my pitiful collection, but I like it. It's getting bigger.... It's a Allsop 100-CD holder with little tongue things that keep the CDs up even when they aren't next to another CD.
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    Head-Fi delays

    It's better during certain times of the day. I usually come on at midnight or later central time, and it's much better then.
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    This is ridiculous...

    Hey, at least it's cheaper than a real girlfriend!