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    DAC popularity check

    Entry-level: 216 ----------- Alien (1) AOL Picollo DAC (1) Apogee Duet (4) Asus Essence STX (4) Audio-gd Compass (18) Audio-gd Compass - FUN (2) Bantam (1) Behringer DEQ2496 (2) Behringer SRC2496 (1) Beresford TC-7510 (2) Beresford TC-7520 (5) Beresford TC-7520 SE (Caiman) (2)...
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    Power cord made a big difference

    Quote: Originally Posted by DaveBSC Conditioning and power cords go hand in hand. yep, also with alternative medicine, flying saucers, physic abilities, supernatural beings……………….
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    why do people dislike itunes?

    A lot of people (usually Windows users) seems to think the more mucking around you have to do to get something done is better and it makes them feel superior because they can get it to work. I love iTunes but I am a Mac user.
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    MAD Ear+ Purist HD thread.

    From LLoyd's newsletter, "For users who enjoy the challenge of finding personal sonic satisfaction in the choice of tubes used in their Ear+ models, here are some basic guidelines. The sonic impact of the 12B4As, and in the case of the Ear++, the 12BH7A, is not great due to the cathode...
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    DAC/AMP for $350 AUD Max

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheBigCW Did you read the post? No, I did not try the Beresford. However, I do not trust him at all. He's lied, cheated, and insulted the members of his forum, and his previous product was simply a rebrand of a cheap Taiwanese DAC with a cMoy output. It...
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    DAC/AMP for $350 AUD Max

    I use mine with 250Ω Beyer DT531s.
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    DAC/AMP for $350 AUD Max

    I bought a TC-7520 for my bedroom and liked the amp enough to sell my MAD Ear. The DAC is great too. Got mine from here with the modification.
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    more DRM evilness

    Try burning the songs to a CD and then import them in a lossless format, the DRM should be gone.
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    Are tube amps any good with fast energetic music?

    Quote: Originally Posted by nigeljames So what you are saying is, if you listen to fast music solid state is better? That's what I think. Anything I want to sound dynamic I like solid state. I use my MAD Ear in the bedroom for more more lay back music. I'm sure many will...
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    Are tube amps any good with fast energetic music?

    I don't think so. They'll say you can make a tube amp sound fast and like a solid state but why not just get a solid state.
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    How does the ATH-EM7 'sound'?

    I got rid of mine because they have too little bass (none almost unless you push them onto your ears).
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    Fiio E5 - can some one please explain?

    Maybe the battery is about to explode.
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    Aussies: Will you spend your cash bonus on Headphones?

    Hey Caution, How's that Earmax going?
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    Aussies: Will you spend your cash bonus on Headphones?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Suntory_Times Does anyone know how you qualify, or make yourself qualify (is there a form or something similiar to fill out or if centerlink is already paying you will we just get one mamoth payement all of a sudden ). Any help would be great. (one one note...