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Oct 7, 2019
Dec 19, 2011
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Gdańsk, Poland
IT specialist: Software/Integration Architect

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borizm Send PM

Head-Fier, Male, from Gdańsk, Poland

borizm was last seen:
Oct 7, 2019
  • About

    Gdańsk, Poland
    IT specialist: Software/Integration Architect
    IT, high-end audio, sport (sometimes)
    informatics, electronics
    Headphone Inventory:
    Stax Lambda Nova Classic
    Stax SR-Gamma Pro - pure, great old Stax sound... I think
    Stax SR-X MK3
    Stax SR-5NB "Gold"
    ? Stax SR-5NB "Gold"
    ? Jecklin Float Electrostatic
    Stax SR-003 (SR-005A) - less detailed than larger brothers
    * Stax SR-007 MK1 - too clean, too spatial, too good,... to cold (the best?)
    * Koss ESP/950 (with E/90) - darker, but more natural than Stax

    Sennheiser Unipolar 2000
    * Stax SR-80 (SR-84 set with SRD-4) - fast, detailed, but almost lack of low bass
    * Philips N6326 - quite nice electret with a little plastic echo
    * Philips N6325 - similar to N6326

    electret-dynamic hybrid:
    AKG K340 - great, trebles more intensive
    > AKG K340 - great, very balanced
    ? AKG K340 (one electret weaker)
    * AKG K340 - great

    HiFiMAN HE-6 - way cleaner than HE-500, one of the best
    ? Yamaha YH-100 - great
    Grundig GDHS 223 - great
    Grundig GDHS 223 - great
    Fostex T50RP - requires a lot of modding to be really worth of using
    Fostex T50RP (a spare pair)
    Elektronica TDS-5 - natural, nice middle range, clear trebles, quite a lot of bass
    Elektronica TDS-5M
    B&O U70
    B&O U70
    RFT HOK 80
    RFT HOK 80-2 - inefficient, but nice after a little modding
    * HiFiMAN HE-500 - better than most dynamic, but somehow sounds dirty
    * Elektronica TDS-5 (modded and better)
    * RFT HOK 80-2 (another one)

    dynamic with biocellulose drivers:
    Creative Aurvana Live! - (waiting for modification) - stock are boring
    Creative Aurvana Live! (for daughter Julia)
    Creative Aurvana Live! (for daughter Anna)
    Denon AH-D7000 - great
    Denon AH-D2000 - one of my favorite for a few kind of music
    Sony MDR-CD3000 - one of the greatest!
    * Denon AH-D2000 (a gift to my friend)
    ~ Creative Aurvana Live! - broken headband

    AKG K240 Sextett 600 ohm - a decent one
    AKG K240 Sextett 600 ohm (another one)
    AKG K240 Sextett 600 ohm (modded)
    AKG K290 Surround 4x150 ohm -> 75 ohm - long 6m cable is an issue
    AKG K401 [120 ohm] - great middle range
    AKG K500 [120 ohm] - too airy
    AKG K501 [120 ohm] (another one, with damaged headband)
    AKG K701 [62 ohm] - long used and great, not sterile, requires perfect source and amp
    AKG K701 [62 ohm] - a new spare pair, not so great and very different
    Beyerdynamic DT931 250 ohm - waiting for recabling
    Beyerdynamic DT831 250 ohm - waiting for recabling
    Beyerdynamic DT901 250 ohm - something between DT880 and DT990
    Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm Silver vintage - a decent one, but likes current driving
    Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm Gold vintage (modded)
    Beyerdynamic DT880 2005 Premium Audiophile 600 ohm - a decent one
    Beyerdynamic DT150 250 ohm - a decent one (DT190 with DT100 earpads)
    Beyerdynamic D48 [5 ohm] - great middle range - the rest not important at all
    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 ohm - too much everything, requires proper source
    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 600 ohm (waiting for modification) - super in the night
    Beyerdynamic DT550 mk II [600 ohm] - quite interesting one (like DT990?)
    Beyerdynamic DT550 mk II [600 ohm] (in grey)
    Beyerdynamic DT860 [32 ohm] - "V" even more than DT990
    Beyerdynamic DT440 [32 ohm] - less refined DT880
    Beyerdynamic DT440 [32 ohm] - less refined DT880
    Beyerdynamic DT660 [32 ohm] - less refined DT770
    Beyerdynamic DT660 [32 ohm] - less refined DT770
    SuperLux HD-660 [150 ohm] (at work) - quite good for 1/4 of the price of DT770
    Sony MDR-CD850 - similar to CD3000, but not as much clean, and too bright
    Sony MDR-CD750 - brightness only, modded with CAL! drivers
    * Audio Technica ATH-909 [40 ohm] - a nice one
    * Audio Technica ATH-909 [40 ohm] (another one)
    * AKG K120 600 ohm
    * AKG K141 Silver 600 ohm - a nice one
    * AKG K141 Golden 600 ohm - a nice one
    * AKG K272 HD [55 ohm] - a little specific, quite decent, but too sealed pads
    * AKG K280 Parabolic 75 ohm - with fast bass, and "wall of sound" effect
    * AKG K280 Parabolic 75 ohm - with fast bass, and "wall of sound" effect
    * AKG K501 [120 ohm] (new) - great, analytical, hard to make them to sound "musical"
    * AKG K501 [120 ohm] (used) - even greater, more natural
    * AKG K550 - ugly sound with some resonance, too sealed (as K272)
    * Beyerdynamic T70 [250 ohm] - super sensitive, little metallic, with a small treble peak
    * Beyerdynamic DT330 mk II [40 ohm] - nice after recabling and with strong amp
    * Beyerdynamic DT990 2005 Premium 600 ohm - balanced and refined Pro
    * Beyerdynamic DT990 vintage 600 ohm - balanced and refined Pro
    * Beyerdynamic DTX900 [32 ohm] - surprising after re-cabling with use of RCA sockets
    * Beyerdynamic DT294 250 ohm (DT250 with a mic) - I prefer other from this brand
    * Jecklin Float Model One [200 ohm] - K1000 like..., almost ;)
    * Philips SHP9000 (build-in RCA sockets) - balanced and hard to make it alive
    * Philips SHP9000 (a broken by friend, but repaired by me)
    * Philips SHP9000 (a spare pair)
    * Philips SHP8900 - lack of middle range, but very dynamic
    * Philips SBC HP800 - cheap but good for a price after mounting RCA sockets
    * Pioneer SE-M390 - too showy
    * Sony MDR-ZX700 - too technical, too dirty, because of liquid-crystal polymer membrane
    * Studer Revox Synergy [600 ohm] - between DT880 and DT990 (or DT550)
    * SuperLux HD-330 [150 ohm] - quite good for 1/4 of the price of DT990
    * SuperLux HD-660 [150 ohm] (a spare pair)
    * SuperLux HD-668B - too aggressive, way too bassy with a long cable
    ~ AKG K140 600 ohm
    ~ Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 250 ohm - super in the night - driver just die with no cause!
    ~ Sennheiser HD-565 Ovation - completely broken, not durable at all
    ~ Sennheiser HD-580 Precision - not durable at all - my last Sennheiser!
    ~ Sennheiser HD-425

    Koss PortaPro

    * - not longer owned
    ~ - R.I.P.
    > - for sell
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Breeze Audio E4 (A-class, symmetrical JFET/MOSFET design) - nice, very natural, but without enough kick, control and air
    Breeze Audio E5 (A-class, symmetrical JFET/MOSFET design) - maybe a better space and details, but a little sharp and less natural
    Koss E/10 driver/energizer
    Stax SRM-1 driver/amplifier (modded to Pro) - musical, airy with a lot of space on SR-Gamma Pro
    Stax SRM-1 MK2 driver/amplifier
    Stax SRM-252A driver/amplifier (in modding) - stock very disappointing
    Stax SRD-7 Pro driver/energizer
    Stax SRD-7/MK2
    current buffers
    mine old DIY devices
    few awfully sounded op-amp based amps
    * Koss E/90 driver/amplifier - good match for ESP/950, but too technical
    * Stax SRD-X Pro driver/amplifier (modded) - design flaws make me mod it to regain the lower bass
    * Stax SRD-4 driver/adapter
    * Breeze Audio E3 (Beyerdynamic A1 clone) - thin without heavy modding
    * FiiO E5 - bad, bad, bad
    * FiiO E7 - bad, bad, bad as an amplifier

    * - not longer owned
    Source Inventory:
    Pioneer PD-91 [2xPCM65] - unmodified and great
    Akai CD-69 [2xPCM63] - - unmodified mediocre
    Sherwood CD-880 [2xAD1862, SM5843] - stock quite good
    Denon DCD-1520 [2xPCM64] - unmodified mediocre
    Denon DCD-1520 [2xPCM64] - (different version of DCD-1520) modified and better
    Denon DCD-1520 [2xPCM64] - waiting...
    Denon DCD-1520 [2xPCM64] - waiting...
    Harman Kardon HD740 [2xPCM1702, SM5843] - heavily modified and great
    Harman Kardon HD740 [2xPCM1702, SM5843] - another for modding
    Harman Kardon HD740 [2xPCM1702, SM5843] - unmodified quite OK (cheap PSU)
    Harman Kardon HD7625 [4xPCM61P] - quite auditable
    Harman Kardon HD7525 [4xPCM61P] - waiting for modification
    Harman Kardon HD7525 [4xPCM61P] - quite auditable (cheap PSU)
    Kenwood DP-8020 [2xPCM58] - in the middle of modding
    Kenwood DP-8010 [2xPCM1701P] - in the middle of modding
    Kenwood DP-7010 [2xPCM58] - in the middle of modding
    Kenwood DP-7020 [2xPCM1701P] - in the middle of modding
    Kenwood DP-7020 [2xPCM1701P] - unmodified and quite OK
    Kenwood DP-5020 [2xPCM1701P] - like DP-6020, but paper PCB and no Cerafine caps
    Denon DVD-5000 [4xPCM1704-J] - awful stock sound, but great potential for modding
    Kenwood DP-1510 [2xPCM56P-L] - for playing with the modding
    Kenwood DP-1510 [2xPCM56P-L] - (another one)
    Kenwood DP-1510 [2xPCM56P-L] - (another one)
    Kenwood DP-1510 [2xPCM56P-L] - (another one)
    Kenwood DP-1510 [2xPCM56P-L] - (another one)
    Marantz CD583 [TDA1541A] - modded
    Philips CD670 [TDA1541] - nice, but without resolution
    Philips CD660 [TDA1541] - nice, but without resolution
    Philips CD160 [TDA1541] - too sharp
    Philips CD150 [2xTDA1540] - nice
    Philips CD104 [2xTDA1540] - yes, again!
    * Onkyo DX-6640 R1 [2xPCM56/YM3433] - great when modded to 2xAD1860N-J/YM3434 no-op-amp and DAC
    * Eltax Symphony CDP-80 - awful stock sound, modded to TDA1545A NOS/no-op-amp
    * Denon DCD-685 [2xPCM1702P-L] - awful stock sound, modded to TDA1545A NOS/no-op-amp
    * Kenwood DP-4020 [PCM1700U] - not bad, modded a little
    * Kenwood DP-6020 [2xPCM1701P] - awful stock sound, but high-end when modded to NOS/no-op-amp
    * Pioneer PD-S503 [PD2029A] - modded to S505++, very detailed
    * Meridian 206 - great, but Pioneer PD-91 was better
    * Marantz CD 60 [TDA1541] - too sharp, too chaotic and I had no courage to modify (fix the sound) it at that time
    * NAD 5440 CD - quite nice, but very weak error correction
    * Akai CD-55 - medicore, but way better than Technics
    * Denon DCD-660 [2xPCM61P] - heavily modded
    * Technics SL-PS50 - every CD sounds the same, the same bad
    * 3 x Philips CD104 [2xTDA1540] (I have it three times: first died, second was destroy by me during modification, third was sold) - very solid sound, but way too raw

    DIY NOS DAC [AD1865N-K] - decent one
    DIY NOS DAC [4xTDA1543] - decent one
    Cambridge Audio DACMAGIC 1 [2xTDA1305] - dynamic and detailed
    DIY DAC [AD1955] - decent one
    DIY DAC [WM8740] - too technical
    DIY DAC [WM8741] - decent one, but too technical
    DIY DAC [CS4398] - too cold, but CS4398 can drive 600/250 ohm headphones directly
    DIY DAC [AK4395] - too light
    DIY DAC [PCM2706 + PCM5100] - too dynamic, too artificial like OPA2134
    * DIY DAC [PCM2702] (another) - quite decent, but too raw
    * HA Info Coax [PCM2902E] - too large jitter without modding it
    * Nostromo USB DAC [PCM2706 + PCM1781] - too analytical, too cold, too light
    many other not important sigma-delta DAC's
    * FiiO E7 + L7 [PCM2706, WM8740 DAC, AD8692, TPA6130A] - E7 has an awfully sounded headphone output, but L7 is a passive connector skipping volume control and headphone amp in the same way as FiiO E9 do it, which unmodified (OPA2134 should be replaced to OPA2132, OPA2107 or another) is also awfully sounded headphone amp
    * Sound Blaster USB [STAC9460, TDA1308] - modded nice, but clumsy
    * DIY DAC [PCM2702] - quite decent, but too raw

    * - not longer owned
    Cable Inventory:
    Kimber Silver Streak RCA
    Kimber Silver Streak XLR
    Kimber PBJ RCA
    Kimber PBJ RCA
    Kimber TC8 (bi-wiring)
    Power-Related Components:
    the power distribution station near the house and modern, fully copper electric installation in the house ;)
    oversized electrolytic capacitors in every equipment ;)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    JPW AP3
    Hafler 9270 [Excelinear JFET/MOSFET]
    many others...
    * mine DIY amplifiers
    * Mordaunt-Short (~50 cm hight with titan tweeters)
    * JPW Sonata
    * Wharfedale (?)
    * Infinity (?)
    * Hafler 9130
    * Aura 50?
    * NAD 3120? (most probably, rather not NAD 320i)

    * - sold
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    skipping of amping
    removing op-amps from the path
    Music Preferences:
    electronic/psychedelic/progressive/mathematic/acoustic rock, modern celtic, klezmer, modern jazz, classic

    I frequently listen to:
    Arcturus - 2005. Sideshow Symphonies
    Kari Bremnes - 2000. Norwegian Mood
    Alanis Morissette - 2005. Jagged Little Pill Acoustic
    Jan Garbarek - 1993. Twelve Moons
    Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet - 1992. The Last Concert
    Henryk Miskiewicz & Simple Acoustic Trio - 2001. Lyrics
    Renaud Garcia-Fons - 2006. Arcoluz
    Paul Simon - 1986. Graceland
    Paul Simon - 1990. The Rythm of the Sints
    Primus - 1993. Pork Soda
    Primus - 1999. Antipop
    Roger Waters - 1992. Amused to Death
    Yello - 1988. Flag
    Yello - 1991. Baby
    Yello - 2009. Touch Yello
    Shpongle - 2009. Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland
    Ozric Tentacles - 2006. The Floor's Too Far Away
    Younger Brother - 2007. The Last Days of Gravity
    silent PC clone with GNU/Linux as a desktop
    other PC clone with GNU/Linux as a server
    Sharp LC-52LE830E TV set
    Sony PlayStation 3
    Sony PlayStation 4
    few smartphones with Android and a mobile version of ES9018
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