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    Tiesto sponsoring an AKG headphone?

    Tiesto isn't that good at all. Daft punk were amazing on Discovery, one of my must-own albums, and I can't say they've ever been hyped enough for what they did for EDM in the US; But the point is not the artists, it's info on the phones and the possibility of a popular, high quality headphone...
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    Tiesto sponsoring an AKG headphone?

    Popped up in my feed today:   Any other info on this besides the pic from Tiesto? Maybe some real high-quality equipment will actually break out of that marketing barrier.
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    Sony MDR-V700dj has been killed. Anyone else sad?

    Love my v700djs. They sound terrible, seem pretty fragile, and aren't comfy at all, but I love them anyway lol
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    Music you listen to to relax.

    Shpongle Four Tet Burial Phaeleh Deadmau5: HR 8398 Cephei, Faxing Berlin, Strobe, Waking up from the American Dream, Arguru, Unspecial Effects, Slip, Brazil, I Remember Above & Beyond: Good for Me, On a Good Day, Sun in your Eyes, Prelude Nickle Creek Miles Davis: Kind of Blue...
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    Quote: No
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    That first track, Morbid... is so money.   Quote:  
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    Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

    Quote: Beautiful! What's the album?
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    Just gotta drop this classic (can't believe I'm calling it that) here. So much nostalgia with this album.   Gotta respect the uploader, FLAC upload is awesome... Odd that he put "In Silico" cover art rather than "Hold Your Colour" lol     EDIT: Ooooh yeah... I'm gonna be on a...
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    Electronic Music Exchange (House, DnB, Dubstep, etc.)

    The SSX games have always had really great soundtracks!
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    Sub-bass on a budget

    /thread   Quote:  
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    Great places to check out new music - contribute to a list

    Mog. 320 Kbps streaming. Sounds better than any other service I've used.   Soundcloud. Music from the source.    
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    what premium headphones should my employing company stock?

    Most DJ style headphone sell well, look into Pioneer HDJ-1000 and HDJ-2000, Sony MDR-v100 - v700 series, Denon dn-hp1000, Stanton DJ pro series.   Also I see you don't have any Ultrasone listed. They are well regarded and stylish, likely to sell well. Check out the HFI - 580 and HFI - 780 as...
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    Any suggestion for good techno?   Happy listening.
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    **Best place/service to listen to HIGH quality music**

    Good lord MOG sounds great!
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    What other freeware music players besides Foobar2000?

    AIMP 3 covers all codecs I've ever heard of and it has a remote app for android so you can control you playlist over wifi from anywhere in the house. Works in ASIO and WASAPI