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    Typing away useless posts on the internet.
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    Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 Loudspeakers Review

    Quote: The $100 pretty much covers the shipping and what ever else is needed to get this over the the US. I understand that. As far as the marketing terms used in China vs the US. they are after all marketing terms.   You can use any "pro" self powered speakers for PC use, no...
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    Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 Loudspeakers Review

    Quote: You would need line out levels to operate.  
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    Emotiva Pro airmotiv4 Loudspeakers Review

    A little more than re-branding since you can see that the 4 and 5 have xlr inputs and the power supplies are RoHS compliant. Last I check those changes are not "free".
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    Transcendent Sound Headphone Amp in the offing

    Quote: Originally Posted by omedon see nearly identical thread title and post here: Maybe we should start up a TEAM TRANSCENDANT SOUND NEWSLETTER! You guys should use the search more before posting...
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    New headphone amp from Transcendent Sound!

    Known for their OTL amps, Transcendent Sound has announced the plans for a new headphone amp with a $300 price point! No info is yet available on the web site. This info was taken from a newsletter sent out by Bruce Rozenblit (President Transcendent Sound, Inc.) Initial specs are: Two...
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    I don't know if I would use my cell phone with one of these!

    Urine-Powered Batteries Developed for Cell Phones
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    wireless lan users???

    Don't use WEP. Some good articles to read about wireless security. (pdf file) (more business oriented)...
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    Good deal on Etymotic Research ER6i

    Ah, the shame. I posted without doing a proper search. But it is a good deal. I always wanted to try a pair and you can't beat the 1/2 off regular price.
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    Good deal on Etymotic Research ER6i is selling them for $81.99 with free shipping. Plus here is a $10 coupon. Not bad for $72 shipped. Get them while you can.
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    What are you favorite video game of all time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mjg anyone tried this one.. what about this one? MJG, you better edit your post before Jude has a fit. Someone mentioned Bard's Tale. Wow, I remember playing that on my Commodore 64. Favorite PC game hands down is Doom 2. Customizing...
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    AIM virus

    You may also want to run spybot and lavasoft's ad-aware. Heck, even Microsoft's AntiSpyware wouldn't hurt. BTW, did anyone else notice the free anti-virus scan offer in the ad above?
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    Video question for geeks

    That power book has a Geforce4 5200 not a 5600 but it still shouldn't have a problem driving the monitor. Don't forget to factor in the price of that mini dvi cable. (~$20)
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    Happy Birthday JMT

    Happy Birthday Jon!!! May you have a joyous one with your friends and family.
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    Computer Troubles... HELP!!!

    This might help you recover some files.