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    EarSonics' two flagships: the universal S-EM9, and new custom EM10.

    Thanks for the update. I was about to order the S-EM9 this weekend and read a lot about them the past days. I thought these were especially good with pop and edm after reading several reviews. I'm not sure anymore after your remark; them being more musical in a romantic way. I guess I'm looking...
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    EarSonics' two flagships: the universal S-EM9, and new custom EM10.

    I will look into it thanks.But I find it very strange that they can offer such a discount from a manufacturer on the other side of the world.
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    Looking for a fun and engaging iem

    Thanks for the reply. You surely have an expensive taste :). I'm afraid that price is too steep. Any other suggestions?
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    Looking for a fun and engaging iem

    A few years ago, I bought the Spiral Ears SE5 Ultimate, thinking it would be my 'ultimate' iem for a long time to come. I guess I was wrong because for some reason these haven't been used a lot. A TOTL iem doesn't promise that you will like it, that's for sure. I can't say what my problem with...
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    Meze 99 Classics Discussion + Impressions Thread

    Can anyone compare with the Sennheiser HD25 or would that be a silly comparison?
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    Spiral Ears SE5 Ultimate Discussion/ Impressions thread

    Hi all,   In an attempt to revive this thread, I'm posting a (cell phone) photo which I just took of my first ciem's, the freshly arrived SE5 Ultimate! They are transparant black with red filling. In the past few months, I tried to read everything I could about them. I could find a lot about...
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    Fit for a Bat! – Flagship IEMs Shootout (8:CT6E, 7:H8P, 6:JH13, 5:K10, 4:BD4.2, 3:A12, 2:W500, 1:SE5U)

    Thanks for your reply. There aren't that many SE5 reviews, so I guess a lot of people have read the reviews which I'm referring to. I'll see soon, like you said. Looking forward to a fun and toe-tapping time!
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    Fit for a Bat! – Flagship IEMs Shootout (8:CT6E, 7:H8P, 6:JH13, 5:K10, 4:BD4.2, 3:A12, 2:W500, 1:SE5U)

    I have a question concerning the SE5 Ultimate. I read most of the reviews of this ciem, but I can't help but notice contradicting views in the statements made, about the bass for example. I've already read the bass to be 'earth-shaking', 'LCD2-like' but on the other hand also 'light and fluffly...
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    Resonessence Labs Concero discussion/review thead

      For those interested: I managed to get my smartphone to work with the Concero HD with the Android app 'Peel'. You can emulate different remotes with this app. I chose to emulate a streaming mediaplayer (Apple TV), and it works.
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    Chord Hugo

    Is there anyone who can compare the Hugo to the Resonessence Concero HD dac? I would love to know how they are different, soundwise. I was thinking about buying a Concero HD with the Lake People G109 as an amp. Now, I'm also considering the Hugo. But which one to go for?
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    iFi iDSD Micro DSD512 / PCM768 DAC and Headphone Amp. Impressions, Reviews and Comments.

    Is there someone who went from an O2/Odac amp to this Ifi Micro? Would it be an upgrade? Can anybody share a few words on this?
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    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    I haven't read the whole thread yet, it's going fast! But I would like to ask a few things. I recently bought an Ibasso DX 90 and a Philips Fidelio X2. I also have an O2 amp/dac which I feel pairs nicely with the X2. What I would like to know is the following: would it be beneficial to replace...
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    Dunu DN-1000 - Dunu's hybrid IEM - Impressions thread

    I ordered these yesterday. Is there anyone who has listened to or owns Yamaha EPH100 or Panasonic HJE900 and can compare these?
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    Earsonics SM64: The Impressions Thread

    Is there anyone who has owned, or listened to a panasonic HJE900 and can give a comparison? I like a fun sound but my klipsch S4, although in a very different price category, is too boomy for me. My yamaha EPH 100 on the other hand lacks the fun factor in the treble departement. The HJE900 will...
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    First Custom IEM

    Unfortunately, my beloved Panasonic HJE900 have died. One channel doesn't work anymore. I've always had an eye on a custom IEM, but the search is difficult when you can't demo one. I liked the hje900 a lot as I said. Much better than the Klipsch S4 which went before it. I also have the Yamaha...