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    Sharing my friend's poor experience with Woo Audio's customer service

    to be fair, them seemed to try all they could to contact Woo before making this public, and it seems to be a widespread issue that their support is mediocre. Why are you defending Woo so hard? They clearly have issues.
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    WTB Sony IER-M9

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    WTB Sony IER-M9

    Looking to pay around $750 depending on condition, but feel free to send offers.
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    WTB Acoustune HS1551

    Title says it, feel free to send me offers
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    Campfire Vega - What is the next undisputed level?

    You could try a Sony IER-Z1R or a Beyerdynamic Xelento to see how you like it (I get Xelento is under budget though)
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    WTB VSonic GR07X

    Primarily looking to buy specifically a VSonic GR07X. Feel free to send offers! If this stays up for a while with no luck, I’d be willing to settle for a regular GR07 Classic or a Tin T4 but feel free to shoot them my way at any time.
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    WTS Moondrop S8

    I’d prefer not to. I’m waiting on a couple other buyers in the US but I’ll get back to you if that falls through, but you’ll have to pay shipping.
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    WTS Moondrop S8

    I am also back from my trip now so I can ship whenever
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    WTS Moondrop S8

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    WTS Moondrop S8

    Bump, price dropped EDIT: Full disclosure, I am going on a week long trip starting Monday, and will likely not be able to ship it out until I get back.
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    WTB Sennheiser HD580

    Hello, am looking for either a 580 with decent condition pads. If the pads are beat up, I'd still be interested albeit at a lower price. The price really depends on the condition, so feel free to send an offer.
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    WTS Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany

    looking to sell my X00. I got it brand new last July and it doesn’t have any obvious signs of wear. I can post pictures later or send them via dm later as well. Let me know if you have any questions! This headphone is discontinued from Drop, so you can only really get it used now. NO TRADES.