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    Schiit Vali+Modi Combo / Audio gd fun (free)

    Schiit Vali + Modi : Very good condition, comes with all necessary cables, no original boxes. Used for less than 50 hours.  Audio gd fun: good condition
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    Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear Brown

    price drop $140 shipped + paypal fees
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    Sennheiser Momentum Over Ear Brown

    Up for sale are a pair of Sennheiser Momentums Over ear. They are in good condition, purchased from this forum couple months ago but never really used them. Used them maybe 3 times and the previous owner said he only used them for 50 hours. Comes with box and carrying case and one cable without...
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    iPod Nano 6th Gen

    Price drop
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    Nu Force NE-700X

    Price drop
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    How are the Beats Pro, Detox and Studios?

    I would say the 900s has more clarity, especially when listening to different genres. The bass is tighter unlike the Pro's which is more quantity. The hd 25 have less bass than the 900's and Pro's but again have more clarity than the Pro's and bass is tighter, but not as much quantity than the...
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    iPod Nano 6th Gen

    Up for sale is a iPod Nano 6th Gen.  It is 8gb and the color is Graphite. It is in pretty good condition, but shows signs of use. There are some minor scratches on the back and very minor scratches on the screen. It is in 100% working condiiton.   I accept paypal and buyer pays for...
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    SOLD Monster Turbine Pro Gold

    I bought these pair of IEMs from EraserXIV in this thread:   They are in very good condition and I have not put many hours in them since I got them. They still have the warranty and I still have the box...
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    Ultrasone HFI-580 Unboxing and First Impressions

    How are you planning to shorten the cable? I agree that it is way too long for use in general.   I just bought the pro 900 from ebay, hopefully I'll still find these still enjoyable 
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    Need new headphones- ATH-M50, HD-448, HD-280 Pro, Sony MDR V6

    I had the m50's and they are great, but not exactly very portable with the 10 foot long straight cable. Idk how the coiled one is though, but it's probably pretty heavy. I also had the sony v6. They are great headphones, very warm, but if you want more bass, then go with the m50's. 
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    Anyone know where I can purchase the Ultrasone PRO 900?

    I just bought a pair of hfi 580's from buyauthorized. They are definitely new and on his posting it says they are new, just open box. Also, he is at like 37,000 feedback with 100% so it seems like he deals out pretty good stuff. If you  offer some of they guys on ebay selling the pro 900's they...
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    Best Headphones for Under $300

    I just traded in my m50's for a pair of ultrasone hfi 580's. I feel like the bass is a bit deeper on the ultrasone's but they are pretty similar. Overall, I like the ultrasone's better and will most likely upgrade to the ultrasone pro 900's sometime later. Nevertheless, the m50's are very good...
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    FS: Sennheiser ie7

    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10: Very good condition. They have been used for maybe 50-75 hours. They will come with everything in the box, adapters and all that included. All the silicon tips will be included and 1 set of comply foam tips will also be included, unless you also want the one I have...
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    ATH M50

    i don't think they sell for that cheap anymore
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    Audio Technica M50

    are you still interested in these?