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    Are there Shure imitations?

    I can't vouch for that seller, but 175 + 12 for shipping is a reasonable price. E4Cs went for 200 from some places when they first came out.
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    Early Christmas Present...yay ebay

    Can we get some pictures or more description?
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    Bought Etymotic er4p's, thinking of Shure e4's.

    I actually don't think the Shure e4s have that much more bass than the er4ps. They at least didn't have more than amped ER-4Ss. The x5s have a great equalizer too, I would mess around with that for a while. It doesn't sound like you've really listened to them that long either, or at all...
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    Questions about the Shure Tri Flanges

    Pull your ear out away from your head, and then it should go right in. If that fails, do it but have your mouth open as well.
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    SQ: Nano or Karma?

    The Karma has better sound quality, and mine lasted about 13 months before dying, with a healthy amount of abuse (being dropped onto pavement, coming along for jogs, bike rides, snowboarding, being sat on, etc).
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    ATH-EC7 VS Shure E2c?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bobeau Personally I'm looking for an alternative to my Shure E4s, not that they're not great, they just block too much noise when walking around in an urban environment. These guys are at the top of my list, just worried about durability. If you use the...
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    Rio ce2100 2.5GB for $99

    Freaking awesome player, I bought it for 80 with a coupon off of ebay. It's just so stylish.
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    Closed phone/bud trade offs... for $100

    K240s aren't closed at all, but that's a great price. Get them anyway.
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    iaudio x5 20GB for $199 (?)

    Brand new 20 gig X5s cost about 255 dollars for resellers buying them in bulk. This is a scam. That or the seller has gone completely insane.
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    Which Pads do people prefer with sr225s?

    In order: Beta C-Pads Flats cut 414s bowls cut and reversed 414s reversed bowls cut comfies unmodded 414s unmodded comfies And uh, toss radioshack pads in there somewhere.
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    Help needed - X5L, iPod, Gigabeat...?

    Yeah, you can set the options so that all music is selected, including everything in subfolders, and shuffle that.
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    John Grado has agreed to an interview, I invite you to suggest some questions

    Has he tried C-Pads, and if so, what are his thoughts on them?
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    X5 60GB in "near future"

    They're double platter and hence thicker, that's why.
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    e4 vs. er6i

    I think in terms of sound alone the ER-4s series sounds better than the e4c series, which sounds slightly better than the er-6i series. The e4cs are actually very close to the 6is in terms of sound, at least for me. Slightly rolled off treble and slightly louder bass, but not very much of...