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    FS: Westone UM2

    Hey guys--I've been out of town and haven't been checking head-fi, so sorry about the lack of communcation! I'd say they've gotten about 100 hours (after I got back home, only used on long bike rides), and I'll get pictures up as soon as I get home tonight.
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    FS: Sharp HP-MD33S 4-Pole, Sony D66 eggos

    Can you take a couple more pictures of the glued joint on the D66s? Thanks!
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    FS: Shure E5C

    Bump, pictures added! SOLD!
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    FS: Shure E5C

    SOLD! Unmodded, memory wire is perfect along with the cord adjuster thing- well, it's all perfect. Comes with 4 unused tri-flanges, 4 unused foamies, and the case. And the earphones of course Asking $300 shipped in the US. I'll ship overseas too, just contact me! Pictures upon...
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    IC: Sealed Audio-Technica CM4, used Sony Eggo D-66

    D-66s SOLD! Thanks to everyone for the interest!
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    San Francisco Bay Area Meet?

    I would definitely go to one if I was free, and I'd bring e5cs, sr-225s with c-pads, d-66s, and audio-technica cm4s. Pretty common, but yeah.
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    Headphones leaking. Is there a cure?

    Well, those earbuds don't leak so you're pretty safe.
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    Are there Shure imitations?

    I can't vouch for that seller, but 175 + 12 for shipping is a reasonable price. E4Cs went for 200 from some places when they first came out.
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    Early Christmas Present...yay ebay

    Can we get some pictures or more description?
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    Bought Etymotic er4p's, thinking of Shure e4's.

    I actually don't think the Shure e4s have that much more bass than the er4ps. They at least didn't have more than amped ER-4Ss. The x5s have a great equalizer too, I would mess around with that for a while. It doesn't sound like you've really listened to them that long either, or at all...
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    WTB: Small + Medium - Sony earbud tips (ex51/71/81)

    I suggest using the ultra-soft flex sleeves from the Shure e2c series. They're the same size, just a bit thicker and more durable, and much much cheaper.
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    Questions about the Shure Tri Flanges

    Pull your ear out away from your head, and then it should go right in. If that fails, do it but have your mouth open as well.
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    He bought some e4cs from me. Excellent transaction from an awesome person, and I would vouch for him any day.
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    IC: Shure e4c

    bump, more info added!