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    Fiio E7 w/ Fiio E3 Line Out Cable

    Hi,selling an Fiio E7 with the E3 cable for Iphone and Ipods. Bought this for my Senns but upgraded to something else. Everything is in 100% mint condition and complete with box and instructions,pretty much brand new. Asking 75.00 shipped anywhere in USA. Thanks!  ...
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    Shure SRH840

    Hi,selling a like new pair of Shure SRH840. I've had them for less than a month and only worn them maybe 5 times,never left the house with them. They are pretty much brand new and come with all original box,paperwork,bag,etc. Left them playing overnight a few times so around 25hrs burn in so...
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    Bose On-Ear Headphones with Carrying Case

    Hi,selling a pair of very lightly used Bose On-Ear headphones. They work perfectly and come with the carrying case. Asking 70.00 shipped anywhere in USA.  
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    FS: Nintendo 3DS w/ Zelda OOT,Nyko Powerpak+ and Carrying Case

    Hi,selling a Nintendo 3DS system with Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D and Might and Magic Clash of Heroes DS,Nyko Powerpak+ (doubles battery life),carrying case and extra charger. System is mint and comes complete with original box w/all paperwork,basically brand new. Zelda and M&M also comes with its...
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    Nook Color w/ 2 gb sd card

    Hi,selling a Nook Color in excellent conditon with box and all wires etc and works perfectly,no scratches. It's pretty much brand new. Asking 205.00 Shipped.
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    FS: Nintendo 3DS with 2 Games

    Hi,selling a lightly used,adult owned black Nintendo 3DS. Also selling some games as well. The games and system come complete with all manuals and original box/cases and are in perfect working/cosmetic shape. Shipping is free to lower 48 via UPS Ground. 3DS System Ghost Recon 3DS Ridge...
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    Bose On-Ear Headphones

    Hi,selling some Bose On-Ear headphones. Comes with the carrying case,instructions and extra adapters. The phones themselves are in excellent condition and work perfectly. Asking 80.00 with free UPS Ground shipping. Free shipping is for USA only. I have sold here before and feedback can be...
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    Nintendo DSi XL Midnight Blue w/ Acekard i

    Hi,selling a Nintendo DSI XL Midnight blue with Acekard i. The system is in mint shape with all original boxes and instructions,complete. The acekard is updated with latest firmware and works perfectly with this system. Asking 165.00 Shipped via UPS ground. If you want it shipped some other...
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    FS: Ipod Touch 32gb and Nintendo Wii

    Hi,I'm selling my Ipod Touch 32gb (current gen,jailbroken) with all original packaging,wires,headphones and rubber case. I've had it a little over a month,has a couple tiny scratches on the back where the plug goes in,NO scratches on the front whatsoever. Asking 275.00 shipped Nintendo Wii w/...
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    FS: Nintendo DSI XL w/ Acekard 2 w/8gb stick

    Correct Quote: Originally Posted by ivanrocks321 Im not sure but i think he the ak2i is for homebrew applications witch i think is legal.
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    FS: Nintendo DSI XL w/ Acekard 2 w/8gb stick

    No it isn't,I bought it from,who is based in USA.
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    FS: Nintendo DSI XL w/ Acekard 2 w/8gb stick

    Hi,I'm selling a brand new DSI XL charcoal system w/ Acekard 2i w/8gb stick. Everything is brand new with original boxes,no scratches of any kind. If you don't know what the Acecard 2i does read this review or you can PM me. Asking 220.00 shipped. Gifted non-cc paypal only please and I will...