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    Spring Toronto Meet - Saturday May 04, 2013 Impressions

    Hi folks,   Sorry I missed the meet, is there an official list of "previous attendees" that I can be added to?-- I noticed the recent May 4th event was organized by a few new folks (thank you for your time!); but because I don't frequent this board much these days, I relied heavily on the...
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    Toronto Meet - Sunday April 8th

    Make that a Me + 1.    I'll be bringing my hd600's and ef-2, and he will be bringing a few brews. See you all soon!
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    Toronto Meet - Sunday April 8th

    Thanks a lot for the re-do P, I think I'll be making this one.   I still have my humble starter-setup from 2 years or so ago (HD600's + EF2). I'll bring it in my super-duper Pelican case as last time with and a few brews again.   If you have a bass-heavy set of cans (more than HD600's...
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    Toronto winter meet? [interest check]

    Hi lovely folks of head-fi,   My apologies for the non-response--kept remembering about this when I was nowhere near my computer, and there are more things going ONTO than OFF my to-do list. (swamped)   I'm currently in talks with P to get this meet back on the road.   Thanks for...
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    Toronto winter meet? [interest check]

    It's a busy long-birthday weekend, but I'll try to determine a date by mid-next week.   I'll also start a running list for whatever date. Stay tuned.   -G
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    HD580 upgrade to HD650

    I had a similar question on a similar desire for an 'upgrade'. If anyone can give additional input, it would be greatly appreciated!    
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    Toronto winter meet? [interest check]

    Quote: Shouldn't be a problem, since my birthday's mid-February. I'll likely be aiming for a date in March.   Subscribe to the thread, and keep an eye out for updates!
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    Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

    In case you folks are subscribed to this thread:
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    Ultrasone Pro 900 Impressions Thread

        Would the 900's be the 'golden ticket' that I'm looking for?:  
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

      I have an Hifiman EF-2 (for my HD600's), Between the DT880/DT770 and D2000/5000, which one would be a nicer complement/addition for bass? (house music and rap) Love the balance of the HD600's and EF-2, but additional bass would be nice for a banger. I'm keeping the HD600's, and am looking...
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    Toronto Meet - Sunday March 6th

    I'll know what's what closer to the date. For now, I have a few projects sandwiching the date, but we'll see.   As always, exotic brews will accompany me. Please PM me if I don't post up in the days leading to this meet!   Thanks again P! :)
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    IC: GTA/Mississauga meet at punkaroo's hip new place!

    punkaroo, I'm 50/50 at the moment, pending what time I get relieved from family duty. By the way, is there a tentative time (If you say 3pm, safe to assume roll in by 5pm? ) that you think people will show up? Thanks again!
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    Toronto, GTA Headfiers, please raise your hands

    Hi gentlemen, Where would I go to purchase a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter (Should be stereo to stereo correct?-- not mono?) for my HD650 Cable, for the best price? I'm local to Richmond Hill. Thanks!
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    HD600 - bad choise or poor equipment?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Nocturnal310 ya i just plugged in my HD600 to laptop directly..and they sound worse than $100 headphones. if u dont have a dedicated amp...u wont like HD600 u cant run Boing 747 with 737's engine. I praise and worship the Headphone Gods that...
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    Headphones in Canada

    American Sound in Richmond Hill, Yonge/16ave stocks quite a few ACK's as well... I recall an SR60 in there as well. Welcome to American Sound of Canada Give them a shout for prices, as I don't recall.