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Headphone Inventory
Transplants/Mods Pictorials and a few Measurements

Fostex Incremental Mods and Measurements (FIMM):

Amfiton TDS-15 - Transplanted into Takstar HI-2050 foster fone -

KODA - Repaired, completely re-built, and returned to owner with vastly improved SQ T50RP DBV #3

Fostex T20RP mk2 Transplanted into 'Armaegis' copper painted cups: "CopperHeads"

Yamaha HP-50A Re-cable and modification

Yamaha HP-50A - Modification - Completed: See Post #22599

NAD RP-18 (Mylar) Repaired, re-cabled, and re-modified - Returned to owner:

Yamaha YH-1 to Sennheiser HD-600 Transplant - Completed and returned to owner: See Post #22626

Yamaha YHD-1 to Fostex T10 Transplant Completed - Returned to owner: See Post #22600

Yamaha YH-1 Modification Completed:
See Post #22634

Beyerdynamic DT48S re-cable Completed:
See Post #5

AKG Q701 Bass Mod Graphs
See Post #182

Emotiva Mini-X a-100 speaker tap modification with mini 4-pin xlr and standard 6.3 mm TRS jacks. I followed "robrob's Preferred Resistor Network" design that lowers the noise floor and attenuates the volume pot (Thanks koiloco and robrob!)
See Post #3073

Radical Russian Roulette Modification:

Step One:

Step Two:
Headphone Amp Inventory
DIY Amps:

Cavalli/AMB CK2III
Cavalli Bijou
Cavalli EHHA Rev A
Sjostrom QRV-08
Meier Porta Corda Amp/DAC
Frans Kameleon v2 with Filter Modules
Christiansen Neurochrome HP-1
XEN F5-HA V2 GB - PCB received
Jan Amp 4 ready to build

Other Amps:

The Stacker
Liquid Carbon
HiFi M8
Dacport HD
Single Power MPX3
garage1217 Project Ember
Emotiva a-100 Mini-X with Headphone Mod


Fostex T50RP Incremental Mods and Measurements
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