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    Cowon Plenue D

    Hey I just made a review of the Tuff Luv case for the Plenue D. Hope this helps.
  2. Tuff-Luv Western Case for Cowon Plenue D MP3 Leather Black [E5_66]

    Tuff-Luv Western Case for Cowon Plenue D MP3 Leather Black [E5_66]

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    Cowon Plenue D

      It's going to cost over $100 dollars if i get it there though.    People to have this case, is it worth it?
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    Cowon Plenue D

    Does anybody know if or when this is available for the US, and how much it is? I'm looking to get a case for the player, but this one is the only one where the buttons look like they will be easy to press with the case on.
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    Please help! I'm new and I dont know what I'm doing!

    I think the creative sound card would. I know you've "banned" this, but aren't there other choices of gaming headphones that are easier to drive other than the Q701? I thought that they are pretty picky in terms of finding the right amplification.
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    Audio Technica updates their open headphones "AD" Series: AD2000x, AD1000x, AD900x, AD700x and AD500x

    I'm looking at the AD 2000. Do you guys think it's worth the wait when considering the improvements and resale value? Feeling ambivalent right now.
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    Audio Technica ATH- ES 10 Impressions Thread

    Hello guys so I'll try to answer some questions I saw while browsing this thread. I haven't looked at it for  while.   To get the cloudy effect I did with my phones. Watersand with at least 900 grit sandpaper in the same directions as the lines originally on the phone. Then use something...
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    Audio Technica ATH- ES 10 Impressions Thread

    Does anybody have any good tips to remove the scratches?  
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    Custom-colored Sennheiser HD 25-1 II adidas (a lot of big photos inside)

    Wait so did you get the colorware treatment for FREE then. Lucky person lol
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    What do your kids think of Audiophilia/What got you into Audiophilia?

    I'm 19 now and I remember how I listened to the Bose QC3 when I was young at one of those airport booths thinking: once I get my hands on these my life will be complete. Look at me     Coming this far, I still have conclude that for comfort: you still can't beat Bose.
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    Audio Technica ATH- ES 10 Impressions Thread

    As I'm listening to the ES-10. I'm feeling less of the ATH sound signature, and more of some other brand. The bass is awesome on the RnB Hiphop tracks. More update over the week.
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    Audio Technica ATH- ES 10 Impressions Thread

    Hello everyone,   I just wanted to show some support these wonderful portable headphones. I know these aren't common on head-fi but people who have tried them will know what I'm talking about.   In short, they're portable cans with full size cans sound.   It's amazing what these can do...
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    Final Thoughts: Sony MDR-XB1000 vs. MDR-XB700 *** Pictures ***

    Is anyone going to upgrade by selling their xb700? I deciding between this and just straight up getting the xb1000... (but I think I'll die in bassiness lol)
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    Taking big step up to expensive portable sets $1500-1800 Budget

    How about beyer T5p I heard that they're pretty good.
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    Noise cancelling cans

    I had the Bose QC3 and Sony NC-500d and tried a friends QC15. I think the best if you are just looking to block out noise is the QC15. I've heard nothing that can beat that at this point. I liked the NC500d because they had the best sound quality, if you prioritize that more. I'm actually...