Jun 17, 2012
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Car Audio Sales

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    Car Audio Sales
    Car audio,bowling,football
    Headphone Inventory:
    Etymotic HF3
    Etymotic MC5
    Grado SR60i
    Klipsch Image S4
    Shure SRH840
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
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    MP3,OGG and FLAC audio files from an Evo Shift running Neutron Media Player. An AMAZING app,btw. Ugrading to an i3 laptop as an source unit soon.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    I am just getting back into audio so currently all I use (at home) are my headphones. But,in the past,I have owned numerous "highend" home brands such as Martin Logan,B&W,Paradigm,Rotel,Krell,Wadia,etc. I am now more of the school of thought that most high end audio products are scams or just not worth the money over well made senesibly priced mainstream products. My favorite overall speaker ever were some early 80s vintage Polk Audio Monitor 10bs. My car audio setup (2012 Mustang) is 2 sets of Polk DB571s, 10" Sundown Audio SA-10 subwoofer in a sealed custom enclosure running off a Precision Power pc740.5 5 channel amp. I will be upgrading my front stage to eiither Morel or Focal components (Hopefully soon!).
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Keep it simple!
    Music Preferences:
    Any and all!
    Vizio 32" HDTV w Xbox 360 via HDMI. Currently playing Skyrim (60 hours and counting!)
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