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    Sennheiser HD650 Review

    Quote: Originally Posted by ktm Try cutting out a piece of black pantyhose. It will protect the driver while allowing the sound to come through. The best procedure was to rough cut the pantyhose, stretching it to fit over the driver while re-installing the earpads. Then tug gently on the...
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    k701 vs hd650 vs dt880

    Quote: Originally Posted by Meyvn Loose as in they don't clamp your head tightly, or loose as in the bass sounds loose? They don't clamp tightly, that kind of loose.
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    k701 vs hd650 vs dt880

    Still early with the K701s, but the HD650s have about 70 hours burn in, compared to the K701s 10 hours. At this point I like the full bodied sound of the HD650 as opposed to the light sound of the K701s. I plan on keeping both though, two good headphones for different sound. The K701s are kind...
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    Sennheiser HD650 Review

    I like this review, I agree very much. Have to try removing the pads.
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    Conclusion to DT880, HD650, K701 Comparison

    I very much agree with your review, like Jazz. I had the DT880s, I really enjoyed the lower 20hz-50hz bass, but I personally found the mids too thin and the highs too bright to keep, but I really enjoyed listening to female vocals on them like Sarah Brightman. I sold the DT880s. I next got a...
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    Just Had my Ears Irrigated - What a Difference

    Quote: Originally Posted by threepointone On one of my doctor's visits, for whatever reason, i wasn't listening to the assistant who was asking me questions. She thought I had hearing problems or something, tested my hearing a bit, and gave me an ear irrigation kinda randomly . All it is...
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    How Bright Are the DT880s Compared To the SA5000s, HD650, K701 ...?

    I found the DT880s to be too bright for me. The HD650s are great sounding. I do not hear any veil and they can at times sound a little bright. IMO I think the sound from any of these high-ends cans has to be matched well with the amp and source. If I were to have a darker sounding source and...
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    SportaPro headphones, sound good to me!

    I had a set of KSC-35, they sounded very good. I just didn't like clips ons. I read that the Portapros and Sportapros use the same drivers, so ordered the Sportapros. They were received yesterday. Popped in some good electronica house music for a listen and they were boomy and muddy sounding in...
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    The real difference between HD600 and HD650

    Quote: Originally Posted by chesebert I have been for a the past week trying to decide how is my new HD650 different from my old HD600 and which one I want to keep. In the process of doing that, along with hundreds ours of listening test, CD/cans swapping. I think I finally came to a...
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    Recommend a Sennheiser, HD580/HD600/HD650

    LMAO, Well aside from the headphone feud going on here, cough cough. I went ahead and order the HD650s. I will report back my opinion. The DT880s are on ebay for anyone interested in trying them out (ebay member bill99hawk).
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    Recommend a Sennheiser, HD580/HD600/HD650

    Quote: Originally Posted by calgary2800 I have the 880 , 590 and a 580. The 880 are a glorious sound but I have to turn it down because of the highs. The highs are wonderful but I cannot listen to them at the same volumn as my Senns. If you have the 880 and dont like the bright...
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    k701 veil?

    Here's another twist for ya. What if the hundreds of hours of break-in that people do to their headphones causes that little foam piece to soften up from the vibrations of sound, and results in a smoother sound. If so in theory, taking the foam out of a new set and manually subjecting it to a...
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    Ordered DT-880 headphones and EC-01 Tube Amp

    Hi, could you send me a link to that other site about the EC-01 please. I'd like to see that too. Thank you!
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    Ordered DT-880 headphones and EC-01 Tube Amp

    I ordered the recent model, not the 2006 version. I asked Jan with Meier Audio what the difference was and he said mostly cosmetic.
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    Ordered DT-880 headphones and EC-01 Tube Amp

    Hi, I have been reading up on the forums for a while now, but just joined. Thought I would go ahead and post that I ordered the DT880 headphones after much reading, and the new Eddie Current EC-01 tube amp. I had a set of HD580s and other Sennheiser products in the past. The HD580s (without amp)...