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    Will this work?

    I have Liquid Spark amp and an older turntable. Can I use the RCA out of the TT into the amp and listen to an album on my headphones. I am asking instead of doing as I am still hobbling around on my leg and can't get to the wires on TT easily. Will it work?
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    Ottawa Region 2015 Head-fi Meet - Respond here

    I am in Orleans part of Ottawa. July is good for me . Be nice around bluesfest time. Deep Purple guitarist is one to watch this year.
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    Montreal meet at the SSI, april 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

    Headfi guests at the  Montreal audio show.  First a big thank you to the powers that be at SSI for giving us a room and putting us in the brochure.   And to Jude for giving us t-shirts to wear to promote the community in a more professional/serious manner.   The best way to describe the room is...
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    Lulu Hughes and the Montreal all city big band.

    For anyone who likes female vocalists and rock & roll and big band.  WOW I say.  Give this a listen, and expand your rock and roll.  :-)     B
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    Best Amp for Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 (UE TF10)

    My thoughts, after using the Stepdance for a month with my UEs.  I will whole heartedly endorse it for use with TF10s.  Mine will be coming in the fall a little later in the fall.     B
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    Review: Portable amp roundup! 56 portable amps reviewed and compared - FINAL update 12-20-10 added RSA SR-71B

    I was loaned the Stepdance for a month a while back, and mostly use IEMs.  I have a set of TF10s and SF5s, and used both.  My son has a pair of Shure 210s (or something like that).  The happiest day of my summer was when Skylab said I could keep the Stepdance for another week.  The saddest day...
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    Is it worth getting an amp for my headphones?

    Quote: When I purchased my Gary amp PA 2v2 it came with a cable about 12in long to go from headphone out to amp.  But like others have said, you will want to purchase an LOD to bypass the built in amp.  This means that you are controlling the volume via the amp, and saving the battery life...
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    help me: advice for my first headphone amplifier - max $ 250

    What about a 3move from Meier audio.  A sponsor of Headfi and really good to the forum.  I have a headsix and am waiting for news on the Stepdance.  If I did not have the Headsix I would be all over the 3move.  Bonus is the built in DAC, and switchable crossfeed.      ...
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    Summer Montreal meet, August 14th

    JUNE - 19 20 n/a - 26 27 a   JULY - 3 4 a - 10 11 a - 17 18  a - 24 25 a - 31 a   August - 1 a - 7 8 n/a - 14 15 n/a - 21 22 n/a - 28 29 n/a   Portable equipment, headsix ipod, scag lod.  Senn 590s, grado 225 Cambridge Audio 640c  and an extension cord so I do...
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    HE-6 Loaner Program

    Not interested in reviewing the HE6 cans, but wondering if my amp would qualify as a speaker output?  It is a vintage (early 1980s) Nikko 220w amp.  Laugh if you must, but it works driving my speakers.     B
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    I just got back from Chicago a few hours ago, and will post my photos for day two to my picasa account.  My day one photos are here  My day two contains a movie of someone getting fitted for a JH custom iem.  I did not get his name, but...
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    I put in a few quotes, being a novice with equipment.  I don't know much from how to tell how much tighter something is.  But I can tell you what I liked.  Those wooden super comfy headphones at Skylab's table.  The Rudistor, the cable from Whiplash I tried out on my tf10s.  The 800s in  TTJV's...
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    Okay here is a link to 56 unedited/undocumented pics.
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    Meier Audio StepDance (Obsolete)

    Aw shucks, I was hoping that Dr. Meier would be at CanJam with his new amp.   B