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    Ultimate Ears Custom cable line faulty?

    I've had UE10pros for over 2 years now. I've been through about a dozen cables in that time, no joke. Happens like clockwork, after about 3 months one of the monitors start cutting out until it stops working completely. My hypothesis is that the wire that bends around the ear is somehow...
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    Alternative software for transferring songs to old Nomad Jukebox

    Only software I know of is notmad explorer from redchair software. It's not free, but very cheap and works very well.
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    First DAP

    Quote: Originally Posted by BIGtrouble77 I've read that if your unit has scratches and dings they may give you a hard time. wow, what a poor choice of words...
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    First DAP

    Quote: Originally Posted by Blooze I've seen a lot of talk here about the X5 and was wondering about support for their units? Mine died from a power surge. Cowan sent me a new one really fast. I felt bad cause it wasn't their fault, but I couldn't just eat $300. I've read that if...
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    Is it actualy possible for your ears to bleed if the volume is too high?

    I went to a David Lee Roth concert in the late 80's just before he got sued for playing too loud. It was way too loud. He's toned it down considerably over the years. I bring my UE10pros without the wire to shows now. They aren't like earplugs that muffle all of the high end. Basically makes...
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    UltimateEars UE10 Pro Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by doobooloo Partial appreciation for me. Properly amped, these sound like feces with too much bass and no mids. Sorry. When running straight from iPod or my ThinkPad T41, it sounds much nicer due to the lacking bass output and slightly recessed highs...
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    Finally a decent music phone?

    Quote: Originally Posted by ZackT I had the Palm Tungstin T3 and did some tests. I thought it sounded harsh and tinny compared to my other players. Perhaps they've improved SQ on the 650? I'm weiry of this phone/PDA though after reviews and quirks like these...
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    Finally a decent music phone?

    The treo 650 paired with PTunes is as good an mp3 player as you'll get. Plus you also get streaming audio and video capabilities. Without a doubt the best media phone. I guess some of the ppc phones may also be good, but they have much worse battery life. The 650 has amazing battery life.
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    Ultimate Ears 5Pro or Shure E3C?

    I think you should be looking at the e4c, not e3c. e3c is a class lower than these other phones your considering.
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    X5 Lag

    Why even ask if it could be fragmentation at this point? Just defrag it and you'll know. Easiest way would be to hook it up in windows and defrag it through explorer. I don't think there's a defrag utility in the firmware, but I could be wrong.
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    Bang and Olufsen A8

    Quote: Originally Posted by technetium I think they can only be copies or stolen if they are sold at a price of 60 usd. Asian companies have made quite a living out of copying danish design like Poul Henningsen, B&O (Jacob Jensen is their most known designer), Børge Mogensen, Piet...
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    Bang and Olufsen A8

    Quote: Originally Posted by technetium Hmm... the prices should not vary all to much. Bang & Olufsen has a policy that means that their products should cost the same whereever you buy them! Basicly the only way you can get them cheap, is if they have a scratch or something that reduces...
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    Sensaphonics problems?

    I had such a difficult time deciding between the UE10pro's and Sensa's. Even though they have very different sound signatures, my choice ultimately came down to durability. I expect to use these for many years (hopefully my ears don't change too much) so the thought of them dying after a year...
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    sound quality of iriver h120 vs ipod v5 vs X5

    I can't compare the new ipod, but the h120 and x5 sound pretty equal to me. Unfortunately for the h120, I hear a great deal of hiss with my UE10pro's. I don't hear any hiss with my A8's, so it's probrably an impedence issue. I do think think the h120 w/rockbox is a better player overall.
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    X5 w/FLAC Destroys Lame MP3!!

    I did my own personal listening test... I could not, under any circumstance, tell the difference between 320cbr lame encoding and flac encodings. In virtually every circumstance I could pick out the ogg's encoded at 200kbs(virtually all of my cd's are encoded at 200kbs ogg). When I get a chance...