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    Nor-Cal Feb 11/2012 Impressions Thread

    Great meet CEE TEE and Susan.  It was great to see familiar faces again and meet new ones.  We enjoyed ourselves and hope everyone, who partook, enjoyed the sweet and savory snacks we provided.  Thanks to UE for their participation and the discount that our son took advantage of when he ordered...
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    OFFICIAL 2012 Bay Area Meet Thread (California) February 11th, Saturday

    Please add me to regular member area.  I only need room for a laptop.  We brought munchies for all last time and will no doubt do it again.  
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    the sickness......

    Not an IEM guy huh?
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    The Who's halftime show was pretty good for a geriatric band.

    That CSI band was pretty good although that guitar player should save his money and buy some nicer clothes.
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    Bought New Alessandro Ms-1 , but is it supposed to be like this?

    If you have seen pics of the Grado factory you would understand the quality. There were pics here awhile back. Try search.
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    What I got for Christmas this morning....

    small chunk of coal
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    NorCal, San Francisco Bay Area Meet 2/27/2010

    You know I am there with the usual fanfare!
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    NorCal Meet Interest Check

    I'm in for any date or place.
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    Should I get an iPod Touch?

    I have both. I use the Touch at home for music and quick wifi and I use my iPhone when I am away from home for the same uses. I rarely use the phone portion itself. I totally love the sound from either. I don't have the well trained ears that some have here. All I know is that I am happy with...
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    NorCal 8/8/09 meet impressions

    More pics: Woo Hoo GuzziGuy's Blessingx's
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    NorCal 8/8/09 meet impressions

    More pics. We had a great time as usual. I briefly tried the JH13's. Not enough time to make an accurate assessment. I wish I had tried more amps. ASR's Blue Hawaii kept it's adoring fans attention constantly. Even Justin took great interest in it. Great job JP for a great meet. I was certainly...
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    Got Wood?

    If you click on the turntables button at the top, it shows more versions.
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    Got Wood?

    Audiowood : Turntables by Joel Scilley
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    Black Ray Samuels Tomahawk giveaway

    She could blow away any american idol with that voice! bigguy95124