Feb 28, 2013
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Student and work for an Data mining company.

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    Student and work for an Data mining company.
    Anything related to the medical field, car audio is a passion. Spend most of my time studying though
    Car stereo... I have a competition set up for my car stereo and have sunk countless hours and dollars into it... But you can't always be in your car and my need for something for those times in between arose.... Thus my love for headphones and my search for the best sound for me began. My car stereo has a very warm sound to it and its smooth as butter... Lows that extend down to earth quake levels from my two twelves and my mids are 4 amped 6.5" speakers (they are slightly recessed sounding ATM, not because they aren't loud, I mean the mids alone can shake the rear view mirror, but compared to highs coming from 6 various sized amped tweeters and bass from two twelves they could use a bit more umph and I would enjoy more kick from them.. But all my audio is stealth and mainly self installed so time, and space are my biggest issues and of course always money- I have since sold this car.
    I purchased a 2005 MINI Cooper S and love it and am going to tune it a bit, but yeah that is my life outside of school and the medical field...
    Headphone Inventory:
    Just beginning to build my collection.
    Full size:
    Sony XB-500- I do love these, but these are my first pair of full sized headphones besides a pair of vintage studio headphones that belonged to my Dad In the 80's (those have since broken and been misplaced :(... )
    I am currently in the process of aquiring another pair(s) possibly beyer DT -770 Pro but I am still searching. Also my dream pairs of cans would be the HiFiMAN HE-400 and the audeze LCD 2
    Beats Studio- don't hate me I got them used for $75 and they are verified genuine and honestly they aren't terrible but not really an improvement over the XB-500s but less sound leakage which is important in an office environment. But overall I prefer the XB-500s most of the time for various reasons. The Studios seem to eat batteries and that's annoying, the sound quality is slightly better than the sony's but I have to say that I am disappointed in the bass roll off in the studios.
    HiFiMAN HE-400- Added the HE-400s to my collection summer 2013 and am thoroughly pleased with them. The sound is everything I dreamed it would be. Bass extends to the moon and the mids are clean and highs are well separated and clean. I did have to send my first set back due to a bit of driver damage but they quickly sent a replacement and so far so good. I am using the velour earpads with the foam rings behind them to give a bit more depth. Great headphones and a must for any low budget audiophile.
    V-Moda M-100- decided that I needed a set of respectable closed headphones and was tired of buying batteries for the beats. I am very pleased with these headphones and find them fairly comfortable. This headphone is great across the sound spectrum. Great bass response and impact with minimal bleed into the midrange midrange is recessed but still present for critical listening and you can also use bass reducing if you need to listen critically but they are loads of fun to listen to without any EQing. Highs are crystal clear and very well defined. While the sound stage is larger than the beats I would say it's just average or maybe a bit better compared to the other closed headphones I've listened to. But they are extremely musical IMO.

    Skullcandy: I have owned and used all of Skullcandy brand in ears (exceptions would be the new fix series which I may check out for throw aways in the near future and the chops because they just aren't my style.) fav from the brand are the 50/50's which have great bass and I have found them to be very durable and then the Inked because they are so inexpensive and still sound decent overall and in specific the Paul Frank pair with the cloth wire covers because they last longer.
    Sony- owned various Sony in ears all <$40 and none of which I would ever recommend maybe just personal prefence but it seems like they just don't cut it for me.

    JVC- throw away gummi buds. Great alternative to the apples buds and Love that you can get any color you like and they make great headphones for kids. I am not sure whether to have owned other jvc in ears. Certainly nothing in Their current line up.

    auvio: only had one pair of in ears with mic and volume control (the specific pair I have just isn't online it's like they never existed)... One word: bass but not clean but large quantities of muddy bass...

    Bose: in ears. the first gen. I actually have owned two sets of these. They marked my first real taste of the better side of audio equipment. I always loved the bass response on these headphones... Too bad they are built so cheap... They last about 6 months with moderate use in my experience. For the price there are better options. These at maybe $50 I could handle (which I think now the first gen can be found for about that) but definitely a decent introductory pair of headphones.

    Monster: I've owned the Gold turbine pros and listened to the coppers. They are both decent in ears, I love the way the super tips feel (and have adopted their use for other pairs of HPs). Fair sound quality definitely better than the Bose IMO but sad to say that I no longer have these for comparisons. (Sold them to purchase my TF10's)

    Beats: Bought the Beats tour's and after ten hours of listening to them (and a significant amount of buyers remorse) they were returned. Not that they sounded horrible or anything and I'm not a beats hater (my little brother loves beats).. But definitely paid $75 for the headphones and $75 for that cool emblem... Nough said.

    Ultimate Ears: I did own and loved the ultimate ears TripleFi 10s with the standard (annoying) cable... Never upgraded but I gifted them to a friend who bought the more expensive Fiio recalled, but I haven't gotten to hear them yet, but soon. First id like to say that the isolation on these when i use the comply foam tips is The best i have heard, granted i havent heard much.But as is combined with the fiio e11 low gain, EQ off on my iPod and with the bass enhancement on 2 on the E11 I can say that it is a satisfying experience... The highs are clear, and maybe they aren't a perfectly accurate and transparent, but I listen to a wide range of qualities of audio and they seem to be super forgiving and they are never fatiguing. The mids are not what I consider recessed, but if I could have a bit more punch i would be pleased but as it stands they certainly are not lacking. The lows definitly present and are gorgeous. I would compare them to have a 10" or maybe even a 12" subwoofer added to a vehicle they just make a world of difference. They do have a roll of though, but I'm not sure the exact frequency it starts but it becomes obvious when you compare different rap songs through them. They are near my perfect sound signature right now (at least until I hear something I like more) the only things I could ask to improve would be clearer more transparent highs (but like I said with the variety of qualities this will be a gift and curse) second more mid range punch. Third is a more even low range with less roll off... Other than that I have found that the comply foam tips seems to irritate my ear canals a bit if I have to shift the headphones or take them in ad out excessively over the course of a couple hours, most complaints against these headphones are about the bulk. Which I can attest these are long drivers but wearing them with the over the ear hook design helps with this and makes them much more manageable but definitely not a pair to take to the gym. All in all I would give them a solid 8.6/10 and knowing you can get them for under $200 a lot of times (these deals come and go) makes them worth a listen.

    Apple EarPods: certainly not the best in ears I have ever owned, but they were so simple and comfortable when I tried a pair and the sound quality was good enough that I purchased a pair and honestly for the gym they stay put in my ears and I can wear them for 8 hours at work with no discomfort. They are my go to for comfort and ease without suffering from terrible sound quality. I will be keeping a pair around. Way to go apple great recovery from the terrible apple Earbuds.

    Other: I have owned various other brands which I don't recall ATM but with add them as I recall.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Fiio E11- very pleased with it as a starter amp and as a portable amp. Easy to use decent battery life and versatile. It has driven everything I've tried on it including my HE-400s and honestly it drove those quite well. They adjustable bass curve is a nice feature because you can make the quick switch on the fly if you change from say hip hop to rock. Very pleased with this amp though I will say it's a bit congestive. Didn't notice this until I had my Asgard 2 for reference.
    Schiit Asgard 2- I love this amp. It is clean and powerful. Study build. It takes what you feed it and pushes it through. It doesn't add or take away anything but separates and strengthens and that is all. And that's what an amp should do.

    -Altoid amp. I did attempt to build a altoid can amp from scratch with a bread board but after several attempts that yielded nothing but distortion. I gave up that idea.

    My future amps: well I would like to try a tube amp at some point and I might go balanced one day. ... maybe a digizoid ZO for bass purposes haven't entirely decided
    Source Inventory:
    *indicates a source I frequently use*
    -*iPod touch 1g*
    -iPhone 3G (x2)
    -iPhone 3GS
    -iPhone 4 (built it myself from spair parts, but dropped it and cracked the front and back since then)
    -iPhone 4S (retired)
    -*iPhone 5* (current cellphone)
    -iPod nano video (broken and bricked)
    -iPod nano 2g (broken and bricked)
    -*iPod nano 1g* (x2 one is rockboxed)
    -Sansa clip (I think that's what it's called)
    -Philips MP4 player of some kind. Haven't found a use quite yet it was given to me recently.
    -*iPod classic 30gb* (used as hardrive for line out only in vehicle as screen is cracked and headphone jack is broken)
    -Onkyo 5.1 from the early 90's paired with Onkyo radio,tape,cd players. (I am curious as to how much power it creates. And maybe doing something fun with it)
    -*ASUS laptop*
    -*JDS labs ODAC Bought external DAC instead have the JDS labs ODAC and love it. Superb quality and so inexpensive.
    Cable Inventory:
    I have an odd assortment of cables but nothing too special.
    -Auvio shielded 3.5 mm to RCA
    -Sony shielded 3.5 mm extension.
    -Canary cable for HiFiMAN HE.
    -PYST RCA cables.
    -Home made male to male 3.5 mm cooper 12g with gold plated connectors.
    - Apple lightening to camera USB cable allows you to hook a DAC up to your phone.
    -powered USB hub that allows you iphone to power the DAC (btw. The chain goes lightening to Camera USB adapter from iPhone 5 then the Powered USB hub plugs into that the. You plug the USB from your DAC into the hub. Works like a charm)
    -Monoprice gold plated Mini USB to male USB for DAC
    -everything else I have Is just standard.
    Power-Related Components:
    Ummm..... Guess I should work on this.... I have a cool battery charger for fiio :P
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Umm old home
    Stereo stuff, paradigm, Onkyo, DCM, Yamaha, etc
    Car stereo. Memphis Mclass highs on alpine amp and Sundown sub on Competition JBL amp in a custom box.
    Music Preferences:
    All types.... Literally classical to rap to country to punk and everything in between... Not saying I like every song, but I do enjoy a variety of music. Most notable bands however: The Killers, Senses Fail, Ben Folds, Brandon Flowers, Sum 41, Blink 182, Keith Urban, Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd, Boston, Rush, Triumph, A7F, Five Iron Frenzy, Switchfoot, Cold play, Jack Johnson, Van Halen, MCR, Motion City Soundtrack, Modest Mouse and so many more.

    Fav 3 songs ATM:
    1. Float On -Modest Mouse
    2. Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas- Brandon Flowers
    3. The Trees- Rush
    My Mini Cooper S- Fun. Fast. Mini.
    My bicycle-Full carbon road bike super fun to ride... More to come...
    college graduate, trying to get into Med school.
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