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    Sennheiser IE80's Impressions Thread

    Just want to post a pic of the new ie80 I demo-ed today      As you can see, the ie8 is on the top left and the ie80 is on the right; under the bright store lighting, the ie80's shell has a tint which makes it  easily distinguishable even without looking at the brushed aluminium...
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    What are the best IEMs for $150-$200?

    tf10s are really worth the money; and they are the most stylish iems i owned, if compared to ie8 and even the sm3 v1. owned them briefly (2 months approx.) and had no issues at all, so i feel there too much paranoia regarding the wires and fit. (ppl are even willing to reshell them blind, just...
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    IEM's For Keeps! No ifs, ands, or buts!

    ^ in short ( in case u missed what i said) ie8 plus sm3 = awesomeness
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    IEM's For Keeps! No ifs, ands, or buts!

    ^ Its best to have realistic expectations of custom in ear moniters... judging from jokers review, its only 6 point difference to the best universals. Having high expectations of it will make you disappointed in the end (with price considered). btw i heard the demo miracles and is was so- so...
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    Sennheiser ie8 vs EarSonics SM3 vs EarSonics SM2 vs JVC FX700

    could be the reason.. i used only stock tips. but i always insert them deep in my ears when a/b-ing by pressing them in hard, like i did with my sm3. maybe i couldn't get them angled perfectly to get the sweet spot.
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    Sennheiser ie8 vs EarSonics SM3 vs EarSonics SM2 vs JVC FX700

    i owned all three at the same time; i loved my sm3 and ie8, but disliked the fx700... tried hard to like it but couldn't find any redeeming quality about.. definetly overhyped i swear. happy to be rid of it... especially bad seal that leaks so bad it affects the sound... and the bas is...
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    Need Help Choosing a new IEM!!!!

    In terms  on sound sig: tf10- rock and techno (clarity, speed, impactful bass- strikes hard, extended treble, leaner) ie8- R n B, 80s pop in general, jazz (smoothness, slight veil may give it an enhanced flavour/ muffled to some, great headstage and high fi bass rumble, bass full sounding...
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  9. AKG K3003

    AKG K3003

    The K3003 earphones set a new benchmark in audio quality. By pioneering the hybrid of one dynamic and two balanced-armature drivers in each earphone, AKG engineers have created perfectly balanced 3-way earphones with ultralow distortion, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs. Price: 839.50...
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    Already own 10s, about to buy some Sennheiser IE 8s....

    The most fun part about owning the ie8 is the burn in... I read some where that they burn in according to the music you listen to (nice if true, making each burnt in ie8 unique to the owner's listening preferences) I ended up selling my tf10 first just to see how the ie8 will sound when fully...
  11. Hidition NT-6PRO

    Hidition NT-6PRO

    Product Specifications Sensitivity: 107.7db Frequency response: 10 Hz - 18 kHz Impedance: 45 ohm Driver: Six balanced armature drivers with a passive five-way crossover _____________________________________________________________ NT-6 with six balanced armature transducer which is...