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    Paradigm headphones, earbuds, headsets coming this Spring?!

    I went to visit Paradigms website and I found this...  Paradigm Shift It doesn't tell you much, but this is kinda exciting if you ask me. I own a pair of SE1's and an SE sub.
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    Decent headphones for work, <$100

    another vote for the ATH-ES7, I really don't see how they're so uncomfortable to others. I guess they could use velvet instead for leatherette. But they really did seem fine for me for 40 minutes.
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    Gamaing phone w/mic "Plantronics Audio 510 USB"

    I am interested in the floating headset too!
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    Cabling actuality

    I tried ALO cable from 32 OHM on my JH5's, I noticed a difference right away. Larger sound stage, more energy (faster sounding) and improved overall clarity. It's not night and day change, but being really skeptical, it is defiantly worth the extra $$$.
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    Most comfortable noise-cancelling headphones [<~$2,000 USD]

    Quote: Originally Posted by dress Even if they are custom-molded, would earphones sitting inside your ear for a prolonged period of time not cause any more discomfort than comfortable headphones? Do IEMs get hot too (like the DH2000s)? If the mold fit correctly, I can have them...
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    According to all graphs D5000 > D7000...

    those graphs are for reference value NOT the final outcome. Also your ears are going to hear a very different story. Anyways, who that heck would listen to sine generators all day?1
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    What's better than Audio-Technica ATH-M50??

    try putting them around a tissue box over night (narrow side) I have to do that with a few headphones. So far, it has worked.
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    Shure or Westone ?

    Personally I'd favor the westones, they'll also last you a lot longer.
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    B&W P5 Headphones: An Unboxing of the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Prog Rock Man They are not just for ipods and I am sure they will benefit from being amped. Out of a nano they needed pretty much maximum volume, so there is definitely room to amp them. Next time I listen to them I will take my FiiO. . Look...
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    Do I have bad ears? Bad earbuds? Asking before I give up on portable music.

    Quote: Originally Posted by jddesigned Plugs all the way in and we tried all the eq settings. Just sounds distant and weak. It may just be your iphone. Try one other player and report back. Down with Apple, let em burn!
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    HELP!! IEM Decision needed

    The Ortofon e-Q7 are the best sounding universals I have heard by far. But since I have gone with customs, I will never go back to universal. It really sounds like the JH's are for you. I have the JH5's and they sound darn good for what they are. Imagine what the JH13's sound? And just look...