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    [Australia] Cowon S9 available for Pre-Order!

    This seems a little sketchy, but Cowon does list this site on their "Where to Buy" page.
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    Cowon D2 vs Cowon O2?

    No expansion slot on the S9, which is a shame.
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    Wow! Sansa Fuze- color me impressed- Fuze appreciation thread

    Its something you need to watch for though. Its sort of like saying FREE COFFEE!!! with a purchase of equal or greater value. Sketchy marketing tactics, but all above board.
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    The iGod

    It's interesting why a company like Cowon hasn't gone to greater lengths to give us (for instance) a D2 with line-out and user-replaceable battery. They must know their products appeal to a niche group including the audiophiles and tech-savvy, why not give us what we want?
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    HDD vs Flash MP3 players

    I don't see how one could sound better than the other, its just a storage medium. I reckon flash players are the way to go, their power consumption rate is lower and they shouldn't die as fast. On the other hand, you can get alot more space with a hard drive player. However, with a player with...
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by pleco00 Mine's an ALO special 5G video>ALO Cryo SXC LOD>Double Mini3>ALO Modified Ultrasone HFI-780 So is that like a recable on the headphones? Could you post a pic showing the cans fully please?
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    Talking Pelican Cases

    Could someone with one of these cases do me a favour and measure how much space is availabile with both parts of the rubber lining inserted as opposed to the interior dimensions specified? I'd really appreciate it.
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    Getting new player with headphones

    How much were you planning to spend? Have you considered an amp? For the subway you'll probably want canalphones, they're portable and isolate well.
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    Best SQ: flash + SD cards...? + line-out?? Recommend pls!

    Just buy an SD Card, then you'll have that much space. The D2 treats whats in the card just the same as the internal memory. EDIT: I just re-read the thread and realised you probably already knew that, but still whats the big deal? You can have less space or carry another card with you.
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    Talking Pelican Cases

    No help? Doesn't anyone use these? Wrong forum maybe?
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    Talking Pelican Cases

    I'm looking at getting a Pelican 1010 Micro Case to hold a Cowon iAudio D2 and a Minibox-E, from my maths they'll fit, but what does everyone else think with the cable (from player to amp and such) and everything. Will it fit? Also, is the valve removable or easy to remove with a drill or...
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    30gb-100gb cheap but good SQ player?

    I'm a newbie on the lookout too, but from the reading I've been doing the Cowon iAudio D2 looks like an excellent choice, the best SQ around with a wide selection of formats and it uses SDHC cards (= never-ending memory) which are relatively cheap as is the player itself. Very good battery life...
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    Newb looking for portable help

    Hey, on advice from the Member's Lounge, I'm just gonna ask for some help. I'm looking for some full-sized headphones good for portable use. Looking to spend about AUD$300-400. Right now I'm using an old discman and some cheap earbuds, I'm dying a little inside and looking for a serious upgrade...