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    I just left my ER-4PT's in a 120 degree F car for about 20 min.

    You should be alright. That's hot, but it's not melting hot.
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    Lets Talk Metal

    Any Neurosis fans in the house? I'm pretty excited about their new album coming out this year.
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    Looking for quality Earphones or IEMS for $100

    I'm down with everything the above poster said except the best balanced/accurate earphone. I think the Etymotic HF5 is definitely the best accurate earphone you can get in the $100-$150 price range. There's really not many other earphones that are more accurate and neutral than the Etymotic.
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    Tricky first foray in a brave new world - advice on budget IEMs

    He also mentions the Hippo VB and Vsonic GR06, which you might want to check out.
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    Tricky first foray in a brave new world - advice on budget IEMs

    Here's a solid review of the Brainwavs M2 from a reputable fella'.
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    Etymotic HF2 problems

    Damn, you might have gotten a lemon. They should work fine with all of those that take a 3.5mm jack. I'd call Etymotic and ask for a replacement.  
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    Uber Noobish Question...

    Push it on starting at an angle
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    Etymotic HF2

    Wise choice. I think you''l really dig them. If you're not used to such a neutral, accurate, and detailed earphone, they might be a shock to the system at first, but once you let your brain adjust to the precision they're amazing. I liked them from the start, though.   I haven't done the...
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    UE TF10, vs Sure 425, vs westone 3 - 4

    Quote:   The TF10 is V-shaped. I guess he's sensitive to mid-range or he's not quite sure what he's hearing. 
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    Some love for the MC5 from the ety hater

    I love my HF5s. I'm a pretty detailed thinker, and I feel these just take care of all the details for me. Makes me happy.   Also, the Etys are well made, and for you to break them 4 times is obviously user-abuse. Calm down a bit.
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    Signature for performer use (IEM)

    Well, what is your budget? I'd think you'd want something with a neutral frequency response and good isolation. Earphones with excessive coloration can tend to mush the different frequencies together. I did hear that the SoundMAGIC E10 and E30 are a solid earphone for the price, but I haven't...
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    Signature for performer use (IEM)

    Quote:   I feel the bass is extremely well balanced with the other frequencies, which helps give it it's switchblade precision. Much more bass and it would start to sound artificial, which is what I believe the Etys are not. And this is me coming from bass-heavy earphones like the Atrio...
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    Question about first high end IEM's purchase?

    Quote:     The Heirs do look amazing, but keep in mind, they're also double the price of the TF10.