Headphone Inventory
HD700, HD598, HD598cs, MDR-CD2000 (2 Pairs), MDR-F1 (2 Pairs) Sony Z7, Koss Pro4AA Titanium, Koss R80, Pro 650, Portapro (2 pairs one usually with a Mod mic) Koss KDE250 , Etymotic ER6, Etymotic ER4PT w/ CUSTOM FIT tips, Etymotic HF5 w/ CUSTOM FIT tips, Sony MDR EX1000 w/ custom tips, Sony MDR NC750
Headphone Amp Inventory
PA2V2, Leckerton Audio UHA-4,
Source Inventory
iPhone 6s Plus 128gb, Sony Xperia Tablet S (FANTASTIC with the ER4PT's!!!) Sony Xperia Z3V, iPhone 4s 64gb ATT black.
Cable Inventory
HD700 Cardas clones,
Other Audio Equipment
JBL Studio 590 Speakers, Thiel MCS1 speakers, B&K Reference 125.2 Amplifier. JBL control 1 speakers, JBL Control SB-1 subwoofer powered by a Yamaha RS-500 Receiver.
Music Preferences
Electronica, Jazz/Big band, Classical, Rock, damn near anything!


LG V60, Walkman ZX507, A105. Tempotec V1-A | Cans; Ultrasone Performance 860, HFI-15G, Sennheiser HD700, Sony MDR-Z7, MDR-CD2000 MDR-F1 (2), Koss SP540 w/lightning cable, Portapro, Etymotic ER3XR, ER4XR (2) HD5, ER6, ER4PT Grado SR325e, SR80e. Beyerdynamic DT1990. Earsonic Corsa, KZ ZS10 Pro, Blon BL 03