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    [Q] How can improve my audio experience for 150$?

    Cool, I'll have a look around local retailers for that sound card. PC has got a m-atx mother board so hopefully there is a compatible and available slot.  I use my cellphone for music when on the go, ZTE Blade v6 with Android.
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    [Q] Spreadsheet / comparison of portable amp & dac?

    Hey guys. Tried searching for it here and on Google, but couldn't find a compilation of data on portable amp's & dac's similar to what's been done with the many IEM reviews here on head-fi.   The buying guide is somewhat outdated (2014), and I was wondering if there is a basic spreadsheet with...
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    Vsonic GR07 MKII change plug

    Emailed Vsonic and waiting for reply. Will post it here once it comes.
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    Vsonic GR07 MKII change plug

    2 shields 2 positives. 1 of each pr drive. There are 4 sleeved and one open, I'm assuming the open one is just for protection of the other 4 (the 'one' is wrapped around the other 4 inside the outer sleeving). Can't figure out what is what though. Usually dark color is ground yes?
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    Official Ipod Video / Classic 5g+5.5g+6g+6.5g+7g SSD Mod thread

    This thread is awesome! Who's awesome? You are!  I got a (well) used iPod 5th gen for 30USD and ordered a new front+back+clickwheel (15USD), plus a 32GB CF card (27USD) + CF to ZIF adapter (4USD) from ebay since the HDD was busted. Just waiting for the merchandise to arrive at this point...
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    GR07 - Tips Thread

    I see a lot of people refer to "Jays" or "Monsters" it would be really helpful if you wrote the full product name or included a link to Amazon or eBay. :)    Thanks!
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    GR07 - Tips Thread

    Have anyone found any foamies that work with the GR07? The ones that came with it are great, but wear out easily..
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    Vsonic GR06 & R04pro?

    Edit#2: So according to Mark2410 Vsonics product-line goes as follows from top to bottom; GR07 (flagship), R04Pro "flagship", R04Pro, GR06. Thanks for clarifying this for us! :)   Good evening!   I'm back to splurge some money ! Can't really be helped when things you use often tend to...
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    ASUS Xonar U3 USB.. or..?

    Quote: I'm able to order online, but with the shipping to europe the price will be about the same? :'D
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    ASUS Xonar U3 USB.. or..?

    Hmm. According to the local guide I can get the    X-Fi Go! for 58$ X-Fi Surround 5.1 for 92$  X-Fi HD for 220$  The X-Fi HD is priced from 130$, but the shops raning from 130-219$ are all sold out, and won't get it back in stock.   Kind of depressing news... :/
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    ASUS Xonar U3 USB.. or..?

    Quote: Thanks for a very detailed answer! :) Yes I spend most of my 'computer-time' playing games and listening to music, but I never thought about if the sound card should have features supported by games at all. So thanks for enlightening me on that. I’ll go for a one of those please...
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    Cheap 2-4GB flash based player?

    GF broke her Sansa and we are looking for a cheap replacement (she breaks stuff, no need to get anything expensive).   Sansa Clip a good choice? We are looking at sub 30$ players. :)  
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    Which Smartphone has great sound quality? Moto Droid, Nexus 1, HTC Desire

    Hi guys, sorry to bump & steal your thread here, but I just have one quick question:   Among the currently available Android smartphones, is Samsung's Nexus S (or Nexus 1) is the one with the "best" soundchip?   My iPhone just choked on me, and I was getting pretty darn sick of that...
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    Chaintech AV-710 Setup Thread, Including True 44.1kHz Wolfson Output in XP

    Hi guys,    I've been struggling to get the surr. out to work on my Windows 7 64 bit computer. I've got a screenshot here of what happens when I try setting Foobar to using KS;