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    Amp or EQ/soundcard to increase bass with computer

    I want to preface this with the fact that I have NO knowledge about headphone amps/sound cards. I'm looking for something to use with my Sony XB500's to enhance their low end (playing with them on super bass tracks shows me that they have the ability to put out much, much more bass than I'm...
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    Koss UR55 vs. Kicker HP541 or 1973?

     Hey all, looking for headphones with great bass and good sound.  Does anyone have experience with the Kickers?  They will not be amped outside of whatever the laptop has internally.  I know the Koss's are solid, haven't seen anything with kicker's stuff (coming from car audio, their subs are...
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    Sub $50 headphones... Porta Pros vs. RP-HTX7's vs DHP-II's vs UR-55's vs. ???

    interesting.... So the UR55's have more bass, but less quality, and everything else is better on the DHP-II's?   Sounds like I should stay with the DHP-II's, I'm just hoping the bass isn't underwhelming now!
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    Ease of replacing cable of mdr-v6?

    Hey all, I along time ago my roommate's puppy chewed most of the way through the cord with the plug of my v6's.  How easy/difficult is it to replace this cord?  I have no experience doing so...
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    Skullcandy Aviator

    As I figured, there is a lot of trashing of the aviators, but I'm still not hearing from anyone whom has actually tested them out...  Should I give up?
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    I've been spoiled!!!!

    Well, I got my pair of 7506's today....and oh my goodness, these things are an inredible amount better than my old koss TD/60's..... I don't think i'll ever be able to listen to them again lol
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    Where to get the Beyer pads for Sony V6's?

    8.40 each, so it'd be 16.80 total? do they charge shipping?
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    how many people in this forum have 7506?

    where can I get the beyer pads for my 7506's?
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    Best headphones for me?

    LOL, ok, with all this disagreeance, gimme a reason for your choices
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    Best headphones for me?

    Ok, I've been trying to narrow down my search, but everytime, I seem to eliminate one, and add another. They're going to be used with my hp laptop, I listen to rap/hip hop mostly. They have to be $50 or less shipped. the ones I'm looking at currently: px100 px200 ksc-35 What...
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    Senn PX100/200

    Man, reading this has me really confused, I'm looking for a pair of headphones to use with my laptop, and I was basically decided on using the 200's, but now I'm not sure... I listen to rap mostly, and I do like bass, but I dont want it to make it so I can't hear the words. Which should I go...
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    Are the Sennheiser PX 200 Bright?

    How do they sound with rap?
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    sx-200's vs hd-212 pro's

    Well, I've narrowed down my search to these. I'll be using them mostly off of my hp pavilion ze5300 laptop. The vast majority of what I listen to is rap, so I do like nice, clean bass. I also listen to some rock, but it's the harder stuff like disturbed and godsmack. Which ones should...
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