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    Anyone here has the Koss Pro DJ-200?

    I'm debating between the tbse1 and the dj200. afaik they will sound the same. the only thing different is the included iphone cable. is the cable well built? if i got the tbse1 i'd probably pick up a v-moda 1 button one or a 3 button one if i can still find one. price wise, it would work out to...
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    KRK 6400 vs PRO DJ100/200/TBSE1 vs Skullcandy Aviator vs _______

    Thanks, that was another I had on my list but it seems to be just a tiny bit above my budget from my search .. any reason for the Shure over the others on the list?
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    Extra Comfort on Monoprice 8323?

    sorry to bump the thread, but those with the turtle beach pads, do they affect the isolation and/or sound of the 8323s much?
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    Koss Pro DJ100/200 - useless unamped?

    I'm looking into purchasing a pair from eBay, but have heard I really need an amp for these to sound good. I really just want to use them out of my iPhone 5s for portability.   Any owners of these have any insight?  If that's the case, any suggestions for something in this price range for a...
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    KRK-6400, Koss PRODJ200/TBSE1, UE6000, Skullcandy Aviator, M40x, V-Moda M80 or similar

    looking for a full size closed over-ear headphone for commuting (isolation, portability, durability is key). also would like it to have detachable cable.... would consider on-ears with good isolation and comfort.   located in Canada
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    AT ATH-ES55 vs Beyer DTX501p

    Hi all, Looking to get a pair of new headphones for my gf for her birthday. Looking at these two portable closed-backs. They're both around the same price from my research.   She listens to all types of music (rock, hip-hop, acoustic), and imo would probably prefer a livlier headphone to a...
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    Sony DR-BT50 Bluetooth Headphones

    I know BT headphones don't get much love on Head-Fi,   But if you do want to go wireless, these are pretty good for wireless.   In pretty decent condition, a few nicks here and there, but in perfect working order.    Includes charger...
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    WANTED: MEElec HT-21

    Looking for a pair of HT-21s , located in Canada.Thanks      
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    FS: Nuforce UF-30

    price drop
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    FS: Nuforce UF-30

    added pics