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    Heed CanAmp

    Quote: Originally Posted by daggerlee think he means the NE5532, which is a pretty 'standard' audio opamp I've heard - though I'm not even sure if it actually plays a role in the amplification process of the single, or if it handles something else - anybody care to comment? It is...
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    Heed CanAmp

    Hi all! As you can see I am from Hungary, furthermore I know both Alpár and Zsolt Huszti from Heed audio. I had several of their products over the years and time-to-time I visit them to check the news. If you search for my posts you will find that I am a quite capable DIY-er, actually I...
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    e2c vs. cx300 (which has more isolation?)

    Thanks for the replies, it seems the e2c is the way to go.
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    e2c vs. cx300 (which has more isolation?)

    Hi, I think the title of thread speaks for itself. My ex71 just gave up and I need a new phone for the travel. I am not a ctritical listener on the road, the ex71 was kinda enough sound quality wise. The isolation could be better however, since the train or the subway was just to much noise...
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    AKG 501 with 701 earpad? No...

    Hi folks... I bought more than 2 weeks ago a set of 701 earpad for my 501. I was hoping a bit more bass since there were comments about this effect. Well, after two weeks earpad swapping and listening I can honestly say that I can not recommend this mod to anyone who "knows" the 501 well...
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    Break-in versus Break-down

    AKG141M here with more than 25 years running happily in balanced mode. However, I do not use them regularly, but they have no problem.
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    Omega 2’s sound breaking up with opera music

    I have heard a Grado RS-1 which made exactly the same failure with a Tori Amos live record. It effectively duplicated Tori's voice at the louder parts. (The duplicated voice was a bit left off the center.) That RS-1 was a faulty one I belive, because later I heard an SR-60 and even that sounded...
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    E500 PTH from SHURE

    Quote: Originally Posted by turkishdelight Replacing the connector on the E500 would be tough. the 18inch earphone cable splits at the 1/8inch connector and goes to the earphones. i would stay away from mutilating the actual suggestion would be to take apart the 9 inch...
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    E500 PTH from SHURE

    Thanks I PM him to look into this thread. Quote: Originally Posted by elnero You might want to try PM'ing Head-Fi member Sugarfried, he's works at Shure and has been extremely helpful to me and other members in the past. If he can't anwser you're questions directly I'm sure he can...
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    E500 PTH from SHURE

    And indeed...there is a question not often heard. I would use an IEM mostly at home with my main rig, which has a balanced out (and no traditional 3 pole connection). So currenty I couldn't connect any IEM and I have no information about running them balanced. To further complicate the...
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    DT880 or K701 or W1000

    I love my 501 to death. To my ears neither the 601 nor the 701 does not have the midrange and openess the 501 presents, and 701 is the inferior in this regard. With good amplification the 501 is really just a bit shy on the bass, but I haven't found yet any headphone with such a good...
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    Sennheiser Electric high-end series internal driver contact coils

    "These individual parts are critically and insufficiently designed." Correct. One of the reasons I never again buy a Sennheiser. I fixed my 565Ovation and 600 but I felt offended by such build quality.
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    List of Balanced Amplifiers

    Quote: Originally Posted by amb I think I'd elaborate on that a bit. One of the benefits of going balanced is that it prevents the high current ground return from the headphones from polluting the input signal ground. Since the M³ in unbalanced form employs a three-channel active-ground...
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    Sennhesier HD 600 related question

    With the help of a fellow head-fi member I found what I was searching for. Just for the record I copy here: "With the HD 650, sennheiser has followed the changes in the listening habits of music- lovers and the way in which they experience sound. In spite of all purism and the highest demands...
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    Sennhesier HD 600 related question

    Hi everyone, it was a couple of years ago when I had my HD600 and I remember reading something in the box, or in the "manual" given to the phone regarding how the phone was made (designed) to provide the most musical enjoyment. While it seems to be a rather silly question, could somebody...