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    FX-Audio DAC-X7 First look

    @daftcombo, I don't think so. I can't tell a difference. I am using Toslink feeding from my yamaha cd player and it works great.
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    FX-Audio DAC-X7 First look

    Just received my unit from massdrop. So far I am liking the detailed sound. It is an upgrade from what I had before in the fiio e10k. @Solurano, did you try a different usb cable?
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    Atlanta area Fall meet - Nov. 10th (Loganville)

    whoohoo, glad i stumbled back into headfi and after an 8 month hiatus, i'm ready for some headphone nirvana Thanks for the message fitz about the meeting. I will try my best to make it. Pretty much everything in my sig is what i am bringing minus a few sources. Still have my amp, k340, and sony...
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    Atlanta Headfi Meet Jan.13.2007 Impressions

    I've been on head-fi for awhile now and i have come to figure out my own taste in sound and preferences. All headphones have their own unique characteristics and sound and i feel i am not the one to judge which one sounds better or which headphone beats another. Like i said, they are unique in...
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    Atlanta Headfi Meet Jan.13.2007 Impressions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Fitz When did those SR-Xs appear? I'll upload my pics in just a minute. lol, those were accidentally uploaded. Unfortunately these were not at the meet today, but at least they went to a nice headfier in norway
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    Georgia Meet Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by a1rocketpilot Hey guys, please post your meet impressions here! Overall we had a very good meet and lots of great equipment. I have to go somewhere now so my impressions will come a bit later. Aditya Whoops, didn't see your post. LOL, how about we...
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    Atlanta Headfi Meet Jan.13.2007 Impressions

    Har Har, let the posting impressions begin! Here are some pictures to get yall started.
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    K340 Recable Time

    I found this really helpful when recabling. Check it out
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    Final Exams Rollcall

    University of Georgia 1) Operating Systems CSCI4730 2) Database Management CSCI4370 3) Geography of Commodities GEOG3670 4) Contemporary Native American ANTH3470 5) Nutrition NUTR3000 After this is over, im graduating YAY =P
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    Zhaolu the same as my freaking CD changer? What is going on?

    Quote: Originally Posted by rincewind I can see why it may be a shock that your multi-changer DAC sounds pretty much the same to you as your Zhaolu, if you've only been using one configuration or the other for a good while and hadn't tried the other. It may just be that they use similar...
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    Zhaolu the same as my freaking CD changer? What is going on?

    Chris, i know what you mean. I compared my zhaolu with my dac in the box and didnt noticed much of difference. The zhaolu had maybe 5 percent better detail, but it wasn't enough for me to warrent keeping it. So i just stuck with the cheaper dac. I think source is important no doubt about that...
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    $20 battery DAC "similar" to Zhaolu :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by regal I had both the AV710 and the DAC-I-A-B. The AV710 was slightly better. The DAC-I-A-B had the stereotypical in your face cheap opamp sound. If you take a look at its construction (it is the size of a matchbox) you would realize right away that this is...