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    Where are all of the builders?

    Hey, I have a good idea...Lets design and build something! I have a project if anyone is interested.
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    SAC KH1000 troubleshooting

    I don't have a schematic or the amp in front of me so I have to speculate. Sorry, the 1455 is a dual 555. 180mV is pretty high for a headphone amp. With the protection circuit engaged, you should see nothing at the headphone connector. The relay could be implemented as either open circuit or...
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    SAC KH1000 troubleshooting

    Pin 8 on the protection chip should be the mute timer input. It should go from low (muted) to high (unmuted). You could even drive it high manually.
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    SAC KH1000 troubleshooting

    Has the amp developed a DC offset? That will trip this circuit. You will have to check before the mute relay.
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    Where to get Shure SE earphone earbud port? And can you mod it into other earbuds?

    They come in male and female and various styles. Their use is only limited by your imagination.
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    Where to get Shure SE earphone earbud port? And can you mod it into other earbuds?

    It is called an MMCX connector   it is commonly available from sources like Digi-key and mouser
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    need suggestion in upgrade of a Creek OBH-11

    I would just go with something like this:
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    Cheap - high quality USB splitter (power and signal)

    Check out the Doodlebug on Beezar Audio and see if that is what you are looking for.
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    Doodlebug - USB Isolator

    What sample rate and bit depth are you using? The Doodlebug is a black and white kind of device. Either it works perfectly or it doesn't work at all. The Doodlebug can only support USB full speed operation. High speed is not supported. Due to the complexity of the USB High Speed signal, there...
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    Strip Board CMOY Revisited

    A cMoy is what a cMoy is. It doesn't really go out of date. Tangent's guide is pretty good at holding your hand through the process. Just read it all the way through. Let us know how it goes!
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    The DIY'rs Cookbook

    I want to abide by the thread rules of not saying anything negative, so I will just keep quiet. If the snake oil makes them happy then let them be happy.
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    The DIY'rs Cookbook

    Here is my contribution:   317/337 (and family) adjustable regulator tweak.   Replace the voltage setting resistor with a semiconductor.   Typical 317 regulator implementation:   Typically R2 sets the current through R1 and the voltage drop of R1 plus 1.25 volts is the output...
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    Am I wanting to do something that's never been done before?

    I did something like that back in the early eighties...