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    Sennheiser HD820

    I take it you're a Sennheiser fan?
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    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

    It was really easy to transfer the drivers, I just used a pocket knife to cut a little groove in the frame of the TH-X00. The only thing I will need to do is glue the disc holding the drivers in place, to the cups of the T5P. Also, I actually created bass ports on the T5P.
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    Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

    I ended up taking the drivers of out of my Fostex TH-X00 Purple Heart headphone and putting them in a A&K Beyerdynamic T5P. The T5P was faulty anyways so I had no problem doing this lol. The reason I done this is because I was dissatisfied because the Purple Heart did not sound as close to the...
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    Best headphone you ever heard.

    1. Denon AH-D5000. 2. JVC HA-SZ2000. 3. I've never owned active noise cancelling headphones but the best i've owned for passive noise cancellation; Audio Technica M50X. 4. AKG K271 Mk2.
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    Going to be buying the Sony MDR Z1R in May as it's the only headphone I don't have that I really want, i'm really looking forward to finally getting it. In the meantime (ranked in order of favourite): 1. AKG K702 - my favourite open-back headphone. I think the tonality of the K702 is...
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    BeyerDynamic owners unite...

    I've been listening to my Beyerdynamic T70 today and I gotta say..the T70 is definitely my 3rd favourite/best headphone i've ever owned. I have T5P earpads on my T70 which makes the sound signature more neutral but even with the stock earpads, the T70 would probably be my 5th favourite/best. I...
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    Closed-back Cans Complimenting DT880s

    I recommend the M50X. I've owned both the DT880 600 ohm and the M50X and the one major difference between the two (regarding sound quality) is bass. The M50X has more bass, I wouldn't describe it as "hyped" though, to my ears it's very's just that it can reach lower frequencies than...
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    Best songs to test/showcase headphones?

    I have a demo disc made by Ultrasone that has a mixture of classical music and jazz as well as some nature sounds. Whenever I buy new headphones I use this demo disc for 2 to 3 hours a day, for the first few days, to help me explore their potential.
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    Sennheiser HD820

    Music production can be a very complicated and time consuming process..and requires allot of skill. There are many different stages and things to do to make sure that the recorded music sounds good enough on everything it gets played through. This does not mean that producers will only get good...
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    Looking for a replacament to my Akg K712 PRO (HD 660S, 990PRO, etc)

    The K712 doesn't need lots of power to work well, I think it's only 62 ohms or something..but the K712 is one of those headphones that improves significantly with better amplification. You might also want to consider the Sennheiser HD700..I used to own one and hated it for music, but I thought...
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    What is Massdrop?

    Massdrop collaborates with well known companies to design and make cheaper alternative versions of already existing products, based on feedback from an online community of enthusiasts.
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    Closed-Black Headphones!

    Hi What kind of sound signature do you prefer? do you have a dedicated headphone amp/dac or will you be using a portable device such as a DAP to power the headphones? EDIT: here are a couple recommendations from me, anyways :wink: Beyerdynamic T5P; Soundstage and imaging is the best i've heard...
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    Sennheiser HD820

    Well i'll admit, the HD820 does look cool..