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    Best sounding Closed headphones under $500?

    What is the best portable dac/amp I should buy to power up the T70?   At the moment I only have the Fiio E17.
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    Best sounding Closed headphones under $500?

    Quote: ATH-A900x   I see the x you were talking about.  Am I better of with the ATH or the t70's?
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    Best sounding Closed headphones under $500?

    Quote:   LCD 2 = They sound great. I love everything about them.  Maybe the bass can be a little stronger.
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    Wooden headphones

    I really like the audeze lcd and lcd3 but want to know if there are other options for high end headphones that are good with rich excellent sounding base and also vocals and classical music.   I want to step up my audiophile game
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    Its time for me to upgrade to high end headphones. Please Help

    The type of music I listen to is bass music with clear vocals. for example:   I also want to use them to watch movies.   My price limit is up to $2000 for my high end pair. (includes headphone and dac/amp)
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    Help me buy my first pair of real headphones     AKG K550   I can try to find a lower price.
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    Songs that make your headphone WOOOOOW!!!

    Quote: never heard of them but i loved the song :D
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    What do you think about this bluetooth headphones?

    think about this bluetooth headphones I wanna listen it (shown as a post option) the say is HIFI level Without missed any incoming call please tell me your opinions is only $100 with shipping.   Post Count = 1       It sounds like an advertising post from the same company.
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    Top quality Closed headphones under $600?

    on the t90 it is completely open and everyone can hear what you are listening to?   I am new to headphones :D
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    Top quality Closed headphones under $600?

    thanks guys. I also wanted to mention a look that I like is the audio technics agh-w1000x wooden headphones and also beyerdynamic t90
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    Top quality Closed headphones under $600?

    Quote: Bass Quality but I do want it to be a rich bass.  Not too low in the bass area.   I plan to use this pair at home. My main concern is I love to listen to my music with high volume late at night. I don't want my upstairs neighbor to hear me. The problem is I hear every movement...
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    What songs make your ears have an eargasm?

    Quote: A gift from my sister. Mainly for gym use so I dont care if they get a little sweaty lol     Can someone recommend some good electronic music?
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    What songs make your ears have an eargasm?

    Which songs make your headphones give you goose bumps, eargasm a or just a WOW? I am building my music collection and I'm sure I'll find more here on these forums :)
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    I am looking for some good headphones for movies. With strong bass.

    My budget for my movie headphones is $500. These will also be for my dad and he loves watching loud and bassy IMAX movies.  I want to give him a nice sound experience at home.
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    Can someone recommend a good laptop for listening to high quality audio?

    I will soon perchase the AH-D400 and the fiio e17 portable amp. I just want a laptop to use them with.