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Headphone Inventory
64 Audio, AiAiAi, AAW, Abyss, AKG, Astell & Kern, Audeze, Audio Technica, Bang & Olufson, Beyerdynamic, Campfire, DUNU, Empire Ears, Final Audio, Focal Audio, Fostex, Grado Labs, JBL, JH Audio, Klipsch, MEE Audio, Meze, Noble Audio, Pioneer, Sennheiser, Shanling, Shure, Sony, Ultrasone, Westone
Headphone Amp Inventory
ALO Audio, Astell & Kern, Audio Technica, Chord Electronics, iFi Audio, Sennheiser, Sony, Woo Audio
Source Inventory
Astell & Kern, Cayin, Shanling, Sony
Cable Inventory
ALO Audio, Effect Audio, Meze, Sennheiser, Shure, Westone
Music Preferences
ABBA, Cursive, Mogwai, Vivaldi, The Beatles, Brother Ali, TWICE, Saba, Jimmy Eat World, Charlie Parker, Chromatics, Cameo, TV on the Radio, Verb T, Kylie Minogue, Third Eye Blind, Yellowman, Black Sabbath, Atmosphere, Mos Def, Kate Bush, Iglooghost, Converge, The Mars Volta, Steely Dan, Ryuichi Sakamoto, New Order, Lorde, and even Bruce Springsteen
We sell headphones and headphone accessories.


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