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    Sennheiser 600: How can I get some more bass and punch?

    I prefer the bass of Grado SR-225 over HD600, it's tighter and isn't so heavy/accentuated, very groovy sounding, although they seriously lack extension.
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    Remastering quality

    Maybe the original recording isnt too hot, and the "high fidelity" remasters are simply revealing that where as the original mastering was produced to cover up the flaws? I say this because most of the jazz remasters I have sound awesome.
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    Gilmore Class A Headphone Amp V2

    sacd lover - which other pre amps have you tried in your system? The main interest I have in the gilmore dynamic is for preamp duty.
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    disappearing post?

    It's the mods again with their lame ass power trip stuff... Could have just moved the thread to the correct forum, but since it's gilmore amp related, they just do the prejudice thing. Wait, he posted it again in the correct forum after realizing the mistake, but was also deleted? What?
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    Sennheiser 600: How can I get some more bass and punch?

    I suggest that you try a different amp, perhaps an Audiovalve RKV. If you're looking for dynamics, the Headroom amp isn't it. Also, some people have commented that the CNR cables are of a laid back nature. Maybe try some silver ones? If you are crazy enough, read about power cords and their...
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    Ordering a new PC, got any advice?

    g-lo, update: This case seems good, it's suposedly quiet. Terratec EWX 24/96
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    Half Life 2 video - You won't believe it!!!

    HL was one of the best single player games I've ever played. After watching the HL2 20+min video of ingame footage, the game looks massively deep with full of fun adventures to come... Can't wait. idsoft lost their interest with me when they released Quake3, they went commercial meaning hype...
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    rega planet 2000

    I love the Planet, a truely awesome source, it's a love it or hate it player, it happened to move me. I think its best trait is that it just swings, makes music very enjoyable to listen to. It has a pretty sound, beautiful you could also call it, soft touch without the nasties of digital like...
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    Suggestion: sales alerts forum

    I am so down for it, I hate how all these newbies keep flooding the for sale forum of useless crappy junk, which makes it hard for people to find out about stuff actually worth getting.
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    Good music, whoa what an addiction

    Please don't go off topic, do that privately. Anyway, I recently bought Lee Morgan: Candy LP, I have it on CD also. I was supposed to pick it up today, but I forgot, lol, maybe tomorrow.
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    Good computer speakers or 2.1 system?

    Both Klipsch and Logitech multimedia speakers are pretty ****ty, I feel bad for people who buy them thinking it's good. If you want a damn good deal for the best sounding computer speakers, follow this link to the Monsoon Planar Media 9.
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    Gilmore V2SE review - pretty long

    ant will (cant) not be posting any time soon due to ******** reasons that are beyond his control. Anyway, DACT gain control? Holy crap that is mad cool, must be some crazy precise volume adjusting going on there...
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    Corda HA-1 MKII or Gilmore?

    I think crossfeed is lame, but I'm sure EVERYONE will agree that the gilmore is a much better sounding amp. I've only heard the original HA-1, but I doubt the updated version is much better, besides I didn't think it was that great in the first place, sounded just like a Headroom MOH to me.
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    Nomad Jukebox AAC support....

    Screw AAC, someone please ask Creative to support mpc, they would be the hippest if they did that. Also, 48k resampling? If they can impliment that well like foobar2000, that would be rad also.
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    What SIE said is called imaging, soundstage is width depth and height of the sound presentation, breaks down to how much space each sound takes up in the overall sound, think of it as 3d sections of a field, or in real world situation, your listening room. I'm of the opinion that you can't get...