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    Hey, thanks for the heads up. I’m using the RCA 5R4 right now but haven’t tried the well loved el51 tesla yet. I’ve been reluctant to go the adapter route but maybe I should give it a whirl. I’m using vintage RCA 6L6 and enjoying those. But don’t have anything to compare them with aside from...
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    One of a kind Ray Samuels Dark Star > All black

    It's with a heavy heart that I list a favorite amp for sale; my Ray Samuels Audio Dark Star amp. Working perfectly, I've barely used it the last couple of years. This is a one of a kind, all black version. Fully balanced with both XLR and RCA inputs. Does not have preamp or speaker output...
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    Audeze LCD-4

    That sounds perfect!
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    Audeze LCD-4

    Thanks guys, sounds like a well kept secret. Great to hear you’re satisfied owners. I’m a new owner of the lcd-i4 and am very impressed. Have a new amp and dac and am itching to complete the rig with the 4!
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    Audeze LCD-4

    I’m anxious to upgrade from my LCD 3 to a mint used LCD 4, but they’ve been out so long, I can’t help wonder if the next generation is just around the corner. Any good rumors around this possibility?
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    WTB Matrix X-SPDIF 2 USB Converter

    Looking for a used Matrix X-SPDIF 2 USB Converter.
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    Anyone in the SF South Bay Area?

    San Francisco based, I’m in too.
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    Eddie Current Studio Wanted

    Hey thanks. Sorry I haven’t logged in in a while. Will think on this and get back to you shortly.
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    Eddie Current Studio Wanted

    Hey, thanks for the note. I’ve been hoping to find one to listen to but haven’t had any luck at the last head-fi meet or two and I couldn’t find any Bay Area owners either. Are you thinking of selling one?
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    Eddie Current Studio Wanted

    Looking for an Eddie Current Studio amplifier. Cash in hand, please take it.
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    iTunes gift cards for sale, $65 ($50 & $15) for only $40

    I have two iTunes gift cards for sale totaling $65 dollars. Will sell both for $40 via paypal gift. Can email codes or send cards, your choice. Thanks
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    Looking for a Nice Rack in the Bay Area

    Looking for an audio rack in the Bay Area. Hoping for double component width and 3-4 shelves. Mapleshade Samson V3, Billy Bags, etc. Thanks