Head Gear Reviews by AT Khan
  1. Yincrow X6

    5.00 star(s)
    Basically, BloodyPengiun covered all of it, and I second it through and through. This is a must grab for any earbud lover, and yes, a [constructive] upgrade to the Vido, which may just be the best buds out there. Though I must say, these will be better received for those who listen to modern, dance music. For Jazz/Classic lovers, something in the mids may be left desired. Still, these are something to have regardless for what they can do for the money.
  2. Venture Electronics (VE) Monk+/Monk Plus

    5.00 star(s)
    The Venture Electronics Monks +   Let me immediately get this out of the way now; Giant Killers?: Yes. End of Review.               Haha ok, ok. Let’s dig in a bit deeper. Ill elaborate for some of you who haven’t experienced the fun yet. I’m just gonna review these on the basis of my TEMPTATION to do so, despite there being already so many reviews rating these at almost 5 stars.       DISCLAIMER: I was recommended the monks by my friends in India. No, I got nothing for free from VE (but yeah, for $5 they are kind of free, anyhow). I...
  3. E-MU Teak Headphones

    5.00 star(s)
    PS: Some content here may be a no-brainer for most but is just there for the less-informed. Please also ignore any errors, judgements. If you'd like to add something or comment, please feel free. It's possible that I may have missed something or have perceived something else differently. Disclaimer: This is not a loan unit. I am not affiliated with EMU Systems in any way. The following review comprises my personal opinion and understanding of the product, and my own experiences. I have not been compensated or paid or influenced in any way while...
  4. Xiaomi Mi Hybrid Earphone In-Ear Headphones Multi-unit Circle Iron Mixed Piston Earphones Silver Color

    4.00 star(s)
    Ok guys... got by pistons out of BA+Dynamic Driver curiosity. I am impressed. Packaging was great, considering. Contained 1) Pair of Earphones, 2) Extra Buds. Build is nice. Real nice. Metal built, nice, sleek and smart. The CNC milling has been done nice. Wires are rubber up until a connector, then sleeved/nylon. The connector is really, REALLY solid and 7exy. Now the sound... Well I have come to a point where BAs or Dynamics don't sound too different to me. I heard a $1600 10BA Noble pair, and a couple of Westones. What used to be mind...
  5. JVC Kenwood Victer Stereo Headphones Ha-sz1000

    4.50 star(s)
    The legends are for real... The JVC HA SZ1000/SZ2000 lineup is one to look out for. Interesting as it is, they were first introduced as audiophile class LIVE headphones. They slowly faded away into the bass-head class, and are much respected there. Personally, I think they’re pretty, pretty damn good. I will go in as much detail as I can here, to help those who would wanna know what to expect. Why did I buy these when I already have a good headphone wardrobe? Well, 1) I wanted a little more bass – solid bass, and nothing bloated or cheesy...