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    X-Fi Titanium HD - External DAC clicking / Lock issue

    Yeah, I will try to see if I can sort it out over the weekend, I was looking for someone to at least confirm they have no issue using a external DAC in a simliar setup.     Thanks
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    HD600 problem

    Same thing with my hd590s happened, keep your headphones clean
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    Have the HD650 - Looking for something in my face for dance music

    I listen to lots of dance music too, and I've owned a lot of headphones including the 650s, and honestly, my recommendation to you is to change the cable on the 650s to the mobius, that will bring out the bass and highs to make dance more enjoyable on the 650s, i disliked the stock cable on the...
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    Emu 1212m sounds ATROCIOUS unamped through grados

    What are you using for cables to connect to the 1212m outputs? And yes, you shouldn't plug any headphone into the 1212m directly.
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    emu 0404 usb VS emu 1212m (pci), or other alternatives?

    If your going for the 1212m keep a few things in mind 1) Its not really that prone to PCI interference, because the analog board is not connected to the PCI bus, it is kept seperate and connects to the digital board via a digital ribbon cable, thus keeping it clean. The analoge daughter card is...
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    Where's the bass?

    I've heard some amazing bass from headphones, but absolutely nothing in your price range unfortunately. 650s with a mobius upgrade cable with a highend singlepower tube amp setup, will sound amazing, or I also really loved the bass (tight and impact) from AKG 701 with upgraded cable and a...
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    Strange skip with Nero burnt CD's

    I've noticed it too with Nero, I usually just use foobar to convert the playlist I want to burn to wav first then burn it to cd audio.
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    Rant: Klipsch Promedia 2.1

    I bought the Promedia 4.1s back in like 99 or 2000 when they were first released (not the original v400 that were horrible). Back then, they were the best thing out there, especially compared to other computer audio solutions at the time, and I not having heard much better, thought they were...
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    Sen 650 - Headamp GS-1- Compatible?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BrainFood Hi Sources are a Musical Fidelity Tri-vista DAC, Tag Maclaren transport with Stereovox HVXC digital IC, plus XLO pro 100 and Chord Anthem for analogue. Also using a Magnum Dynalab MD100 T. Perhaps, I've over exaggerated the lack of clarity in...
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    Views on CIAudio VDA2?

    AudioAsylum has some people talking about it as well. Overall, the sound signature is quickly described as detailed / analogish sound. It does seem there is a lot of lack of marketing/reviews for channel island products lately. I don't know why...
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    AKG K701 is now here!

    Quote: Originally Posted by KTL Hey! my first post Give them at least 300 hours before any "real" listening. Mine are at 350 hours,and I´m thinking about selling my HD650:s I sold my 650s + Mobius after getting the 701s (fully burned in). You may also want to look at...
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    Soon to be owner of a HR Desktop amp...

    I just wanted to post, that in a recent head-fi meet, I had time to really check out the headroom amp with max module, max dac, etc all the options. And I am currently planning to purchase the combination, my headphones of choice are the AKG 701s, and just for the record I dislike the Grado...
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    Why so much mp3

    Quote: Originally Posted by Chri5peed IMO you should always try to archive your CDs in a Lossless format. It may well be the case that today even good quality set-ups can't tell 320K from FLAC, but will that be the general consensus with stock earbuds in 10 years? Storing your...
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    1st step to a computer setup

    Quote: Originally Posted by razer I'am actually using the X-FI soundcard now and was thinking of going higher up. Should I stick with the X-FI and get a DAC instead? The X-Fi can do bit perfect digital output via mini coax. It should be acceptable, from what i've read, I have not...