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    The Official Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier (Live From IFA 2016)

    Hi, posting picture of the bedside rig, sorry if it’s tilted. Just upgraded with a Furutech Flow 28. Goodbye to listening fatigue, I think the slight mudiness I felt was there, is gone. Vocals are more natural and it is easier to follow the instruments. Really happy with it, the MDR-Z1R feels...
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    Campfire Audio Vega (and Dorado and Lyra II) - Head-Fi TV

    Not much activity here. I am very happy with the Vega with Alo Sxc 8 cable and Sony wm1z. Currently using the dmp-1z 1.02 firmware. In your face and tight presentation.
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    Hyla Audio TE-5B & TE-5T Impressions Thread

    Hi SeeSax, Could you please provide some more comparisons between the TE-5B and the IER-Z1R? I understand you have them both? I have heard the IER-Z1R at the TSAV in LA and liked it. But curious about the Hylas..
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    I switched the other day my Nordost Magus powercord installed in Dave with a Nordost Brahma with Furutech-contacts. I hear (or think I hear) a very significant increase in dynamics and definition of instruments. This is in my two-speaker system. Currently enjoying Brand X “unorthodox behavior”...