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    Sony NW-ZX2

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    SOLD Beyer DT1770

    are you bought them new or used? what final price?
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    Sony NW-ZX2

    hi! send you pm
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    Fiio X7 + AM1, AM2, AM5

    Selling my Fiio X7 + 3amps (AM1, AM2, AM5). In perfect working condition. Just Fiio + 3 amps without box, papers, cables, etc.  Worldwide shipping. PayPal fees and shipping cost is on my side.
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    Sony NW-ZX2

    For sale my Sony NW-ZX2 in perfect condition. Everything in great working condition. Box, papers, cable, cover etc.  Worldwide shipping.  Paypal fees and shipping included. 
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    Fiio X7 (includes AM1, AM2, and AM5 amps)

    thank you! nice stuff! 
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    Fiio X7 (includes AM1, AM2, and AM5 amps)

    i want buy your Fiio x7 + 3amps
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    Sony MDR-Z7

    Absolutely new Sony MDR-Z7. Just open box to check sound.  Shipping and all fees is on me. Made in Japan. 
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    Audio-Technica ATH-ES10

    Hi everyone.  Headphones in great condition. Barely used. In original box.   Location: Kazakhstan, Almaty. Delivery and payment: Buyer pays exact shipping. 1. EMS + Cash-On-Delivery/Collect-On-Delivery if you live in the USA, Europe, Japan or Russia. 2. Bank transfer. In this case I can...
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    Philips SHE9850

    Selling Philips SHE9850. Really great condition! Best price! +shipping. Feel free to ask. 
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    Westone 4r

    Amazing westone 4r. Barely used. Best price! Just only 285$ for such great headphones +shipping. Feel free to ask. 
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    New Audio Technica Limited Edition Woodies: ATH-ESW9LTD!!

    Yes, W3000ANVs and ESW10JPNs have quite a similar tonal balance, so you can enjoy both of them. (If you use the ESW11LTD within a certain time, you'll feel that the ESW10JPN and the W3000ANV are too bright, and vice versa, If you use one of them, ESW11LTD or ES10 will sound too bassy for you.)
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    New Ultrasone Edition 5 hinted in the Fujiya Avice Autumn Festival 2013

    Quote: Note that I wrote about only limited Ultrasone headphones. I know that both of Signature headphones are very decent.   It sounds like: "If you can't create <any product> then you shouldn't blame somebody that anybody produce s... not the best thing". I don't agree with it. I have...