Head Gear Reviews by asanjuan2003
  1. Sony MDR-EX800ST

    5.00 star(s)
    Set-up: Foobar2000 > Steinberg UR22 mk2 > Sony MDR-ex800st Playing Flac, DSD (converted to flac because of DAC), CD (using external drive), AAC. Using Silicone Tips (Medium) Looks: Shell: plastic but neat looking. Sticks out your ears because it has a 16mm driver. Cable: Supa long & thin. Sound: Initial Impression: Flat sound signature. A little boring at first. Detail: Really great, on par if not slightly better than the $300-$500 headphones I’ve owned in the past: Senn HD600, AKG K240DF, AKG K712, Beyer DT150, Sony MDR-CD900st. Soundstage...
  2. Sony XBA-N3

    5.00 star(s)
    Set-up: Iphone SE > Sony XBA N-3 Playing AAC. No EQ Using Triple Comfort Tips (Smallest) Looks: Shell: low profile. Cable: It has a faded bronze color and it has a nice feel to it, not the cheap rubbery kind. Subtle. Sound: Initial Impression: Enjoyable & Clear. I don’t usually bob my head when listening to iems but this N3….. Detail: In very rARE occasions, some details are barely audible. Soundstage: It’s good. The speed & impact of the bass & the clarity in the mids help with making it not sound boxed in. Separation: Instruments can be heard...