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    [Impression] FiiO X3 – High Fi, Low Price.

    Quote: Yeah I want this!
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    Suggestions on a player that supports hi-res flac

    I would give my left nut for the C4 Pro but a $700 price tag I can't do that. Now it's a fight between the C3 and the HM-601 and the specs are close.  The HM-601 specs: D/A Chip: TDA1543 Frequency Response: 20-20K Hz S/N: 92 DB   The C3 specs: Chips: DAC: TI PCM1770 Audio...
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    Good sounding cd player

    Thanks for the input everyone I have bought my self a used portable cd player from E-bay. Their is no way I'm going with mp3 but was looking at dap's that play flac but still don't think they would be as good as the cd player. HeatFan12 like your setup by the way I bought a Sony D-131 Portable...
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    Audio Technica or Sennheiser

    It's the wire at the jack I have it taped up stiff and it works for now my guess it has a broken wire their.
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    Audio Technica or Sennheiser

    Hi I have an old pair of Sennheiser HD 428 and have lost sound in the right ear and need to replace these headphones. My local music store sells only Audio Technica headphones and was think with the ATH-M30 would this be close to the sound of the HD 428? Or should I just look for a new pair of...
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    Good sounding cd player

    Hi I am looking to buy a good sounding portable cd player and allot of these new players use digital compression to store sound in a anti skip buffer and was wondering what I should look for and buy when shopping for one of these devices. I would consider myself an entry level audiophile.
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    Need help chosing Headphones

    First thing is I am new here and looking for help choosing my first expensive set of headphones. I plan on using the headphones for my pc and my rockboxed 5.5g ipod and have found 2 headphones I like but would like those in the know to help me choose the best out of 2. 1) Sennheiser  HD 238...
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