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May 23, 2016
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Sponsor: Acoustic Research Hi-Fi

We will give an AR H1 planar magnetic headphone to one lucky entrant who sends contact info between 2/12-28. Link to follow next Monday! Feb 5, 2018

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Feb 5, 2018
  • About

    Headphone Inventory:
    AR-H1 Planar Magnetic - beta
    AR-E10 BA/Beryllium - beta
    AR-E100 Beryllium - beta

    MB Quart QP400
    AudioQuest Nighthawk
    Sennheiser 800
    Sennheiser 650

    Etymotic ER4 BA

    Magnat LZR 980 Pininfarina
    Magnat LZR 948 BT Pininfarina
    Magnat LZR 568 BT
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    AR-UA1 USB-DAC/Headphone-Pre
    April Music Eximius DP-1 USB-DAC/Headphone-Pre
    Coco 5i 6E2 USB-DAC/Headphone-Integrated Amp
    Source Inventory:
    AR-M2 DAP
    AR-M20 DAP
    AR-M200 DAP - beta

    Magnat MCD850 SACD CDP

    Apple MacBook Pro
    Sony PCG-7142L PC
    Imation E-ODD-S100 DVD-R

    iPhone 7
    Cable Inventory:
    USB & Digital:
    Acoustic Research ARAC5UA USB
    Acoustic Research Pro II Coax
    Cardas 300-B Micro Coax
    Tara Labs 100d Coax

    Audioquest Diamond XLR
    Cardas Quadlink 5-C XLR & RCA
    van den Hall D102 Mk III RCA

    Audioquest NRG-2
    PS Audio AC12/AC5/AC3
    Oehlbach XXL Powercord
    Power-Related Components:
    Magnat RV-1 EL34 Integrated Amp
    April Music Eximius DP-1 USB-DAC/Headphone-Pre & NHT XdA Digital Amplifier & DSP Controller
    Coco 5i 6E2 USB-DAC/Headphone-Integrated Amp

    Oehlbach XXL Powerstation 909
    Oehlbach XXL Powersocket 908
    PS Audio Dectec Power Center
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Speaker system:
    Magnat Quantum Edelstein & HECO New Phalanx 203F Subwoofer (near-field)
    NHT SuperZero & HECO Phalanx Micro 200A Subwoofer (near-field)
    NHT Xd Active Loudspeaker System
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Isolation racks
    Sorbothane dampers
    TDK Ferrite Digital Noise Absorbers
    Radioshack Ferrite Choke Core
    Team AR-Voice consists of enthusiasts from across the company.


    We're busy working on products and software and don't 'live' on Head-fi, so please do not expect instant replies. We will answer regularly and will give you honest and up-to-date information. PLEASE READ THE M2 and M20 FAQs - US WEB
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